[Update] Migration From Tumblr To This Web-Site & Some News

December 12, 2018 Camille Juteau No comments exist

Hello there dear readers.

As most of you probably already know, Tumblr is shutting down all the NSFW blogs and users from its platform. I announced a few days ago that I was moving to my own web-site AKA this place.

This is where I’ll be operating. Well, I am already using this web-site, but I’ll be posting much more here very soon. Hopefully. You can also read and access all the stuff I’ve created from here.

Here’s some news concerning the current projects I’m working on:

-I recently finished doing the re-writes for OIL Chapter Two. I still have some finishing touches to do to it but I personally think the script for it is good to go as of now.

I’m making no promises on the date that it will come but Jim and I will do something a little different for this chapter this time around. This time, you’ll be able to get early access to the pages of OIL Chapter Two.

Instead of having to wait for it to be 100% done, you’ll be able to read it page-per-page, a new page per week. To get this early access, you simply have to be a ”special forces” tier patron on Jim’s Patreon page.

The link for his Patreon page is right here:  https://www.patreon.com/Jimjim3dx

-I am also working on my next novel. I currently have nothing to disclose about it just now but I hope to tell you soon about what’s up with this new title.

-Additionally, I’m working on a more ancient project of mine that sadly never truly got to see the light of day. The Hentai comic I worked on for years and years in collaboration with Ariella Ferrera. 

I brainstormed about it for some time and I’m interested in doing a Webcomic with it. I hope to be able to release the pages of this comic for free online.

My idea is to accept donations from potential readers so I can keep financing the book. ”Potential readers”? I have no idea if I’m going to be lucky enough to get readers but we’ll see. 😀 Your help is appreciated.

That’s about it for now. I’m working on a ton more stuff right now but there is no need to announce anything else just yet. It’s too soon. I’m hoping to get some feedback from you about this new web-site.

Thank you so much.

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