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January 4, 2019 Camille Juteau No comments exist
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Hi there everyone,

It has been a while since last time I posted something here. I was mostly busy working, or having to get my laptop fixed among many other things such as the Holidays craze.

On that note, Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am slowly but surely crawling my way out of the ”interesting” weeks of Holidays that are kind of preventing me from working as much as I would want to. Hoping to get back to my normal schedule soon.

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I’m back today with a new announcement regarding a project that I have worked on during 2018. This project isn’t new, my friend Jorge De La Rosa announced a long time ago but I directly wanted to talk to you about this.

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I’ve had the great opportunity to work on the Kitty No Hibi manga series that Jorge De La Rosa has created. We did a spin-off Hentai of this series titled: Kitty No H and it is already available for you to read.

The full title is: Kitty No H: Kitty Resurgence.

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The story and the script for it were both written by me. It was based on the original concept and characters created by Jorge De La Rosa with him as the artist for the book.

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”The story follows Kitty Sakuramoto as she was just interrupted during her martial art training. She later wakes up in a cell where she will quickly be ”entertained” by a bunch of robotic tentacles.”

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What’s Included:

‘Kitty No H: Kitty Resurgence’ is a short seven pages long digital comic book. The interior is in black and white with a colored front cover page. As previously explained on this page, this title is very much NSFW.

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In order to read it, you simply have to be a supporter on the Patreon page of the artist of this book himself, Jorge De La Rosa. Please scroll down to do so.

You can access this digital Hentai comic by supporting Jorge De La Rosa on Patreon: Go here to do so: http://www.frkstudio.net/KittyNoHibi/kitty-no-h-manga/?fbclid=IwAR0QK–Iw2dDDGsvqBzHpGJBsw-WK_9dDbgP4F_z0dbL7Qv37x0zQ4IbD8I

You can also read the first adventures of Kitty Sakuramoto for FREE over there: https://tapas.io/series/Kitty-No-Hibi

Jorge De La Rosa’s web-site: http://www.frkstudio.net/KittyNoHibi/

More info regarding Kitty No H: http://seishi.xyz/kitty-no-h-kitty-resurgence

Thanks for reading this announcement.

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