[Update] DNA Valkyrie First Chapters Now Available Online For Free

July 30, 2019 Camille Juteau No comments exist

Hello dear readers,

Time to talk a little about DNA Valkyrie.

Official 3D CG front cover of DNA Valkyrie created by Jimjim.

It is a project that Jim and I kept close to our chests, almost in secret for a while. We’ve been working on it a lot together and the chapters of this new web novel were progressively made available online on Jim’s Patreon page.

Fifteen chapters have been made available to read there to this date and we thought it was about time the first few, opening chapters of the series finally see the light of the day to the public.

The new chapters are still going to come up in early access on Jim’s Patreon page first but it was important for us that you can try reading this web novel to see if you are interested in it.

We are, of course, are still tweaking a lot of stuff so bear with us if this is kind of a shaky start. Speaking for myself, I would like to find a system in which it would give you cool stuff to read while I’m still getting supported a little.

But what is DNA Valkyrie all about?

DNA Valkyrie is a Hentai neo-noir, detective web novel with women with big tits and Humanoid dinosaurs.

Synopsis: Cynthia Widdowfield is a strip dancer half the time and a private investigator during the rest of the day. She lives in the world of Ecstasy, a dense haven where Humanoid Dinosaur people known as Saurius co-exist with Humans. Hybrids of the two species also exist and are called Urzax. Despite the thrills of being a detective and the excitement of performing on stage, naked, Cynthia is a poor, down on her luck, young lady that is desperately trying make ends meet. Follow her into her adventures as she is getting undressed for money and attempting to solve new cases as misfortune appears to be stalking her every day.


Story By Camille Juteau

Edited By Jimjim

3D CG Illustrations By Jimjim

Special 2D Illustration By Kruth666

Index of the first, opening DNA Valkyrie chapters, from the prologue to chapter two: http://seishi.xyz/dna-valkyrie

DNA Valkyrie on WebNovel.com: https://www.webnovel.com/book/14447367406461605/DNA-Valkyrie%3A-A-Hentai-Neo-Noir-Detective-Novel

DNA Valkyrie on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/195771118-dna-valkyrie-a-hentai-neo-noir-detective-novel

I’m trying to be as transparant as possible with you. I’m interested in growing, hopefully cultivating a bigger readership overtime. I would like to get more feedback.

I know it’s easier said than done but if you could comment and maybe even share my stories with friends of yours that you think have similar fetishes, that wouild be awesome. I would appreciate it a lot.

If you have ideas regarding anything, I would love to hear them. I’m open.

Special 2D cover for the book created by Kurth666

In addition of this special cover I commissioned for the project, I also asked Ika Hime, the artist who did chibi Ridori Maho in the past to do a cute, chibi version of the main protagonist of DNA Valkyrie, Cynthia Widdofield.

There she is! Chibi Cynhia!

Thank you, Ika Hime for this awesome piece.

So, to the people that are going to read the first public DNA Valkyrie chapters, I deeply hope you’re gonna like them.

In any cases, I’m hoping to get your thougths on the series so far.

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Thank you.


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