Camille Juteau - Erotic, Porn, Hentai Author, Screenwriter, Comic Letterer, & Producer.

Camille Juteau is an experienced writer profoundly devoted and dedicated to the juicy craft of creating slutty erotic tales through multiple entertainment media. 

Writing since very young, with more than six passionate years of professional work in the adult industry producing new and exciting content. 

Author of two Hentai (Porn) novels titled: 'Swirling Depravity' and 'Nocturne Nurse'.

'Swirling' being a supernatural book with a slutty witch commanding an army of horny monsters while 'Nocturne' is an original porn twist on the typical medical dramas with a touch of magical realism.   


Camille is the creator, scriptwriter, letterer, and main showrunner of the popular: 'OIL - Our Intergalactic Lovers' 3D CG adult comic book series. An erotic science fiction story taking place deep into place on an orbiting station where a busty, cosmic doctor secretly bangs aliens with colossal dicks.         


Writer, and assistant on: 'Terminal Desires', the hit 3D Porn video game in which you play as a sexy, cop, bimbo with huge tits in a cataclysmic world infested of vile, horny zombies.  


Proud, and experienced producer for: 'Affect3D', the vast 3D Porn publishing house that brought the world the popular: 'Girlfriends 4 Ever', and 'Bloodlust' sex animated movie series