DNA Valkyrie

A Hentai Neo-Noir, Detective Novel

Cynthia Widdowfield is a strip dancer half the time and a private investigator during the rest of the day. She lives in the world of Ecstasy, a dense haven where Humanoid Dinosaur people known as Saurius co-exist with Humans. Hybrids of the two species also exist and are called Urzax. Despite the thrills of being a detective and the excitement of performing on stage, naked, Cynthia is a poor, down on her luck, young lady that is desperately trying make ends meet. Follow her into her adventures as she is getting undressed for money and attempting to solve new cases as misfortune appears to be stalking her every day.

This title is a web novel that is published online, a chapter per chapter.

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Nocturne Nurse

A Hentai Novellette With A Busty Nurse

When Lauren Winkler, a young, voluptuous, currently unemployed nurse found herself stalked by a man wearing a creepy mask, she thought her time in this world was over. She was wrong, after being unconscious, she woke up in a medical clinic where she is asked, nearly begged to stay there as a new employee. Being hired to work at the clinic as a typical medic wasn't on the table, she was instead offered to become a horny nurse that would cure sick people in slutty, sexual ways. A busty nurse in need of a new job. A psychopathic stranger hunting her. Sexual tensions between the crew members of the medical clinic. Lots and lots of patients to cure with sex.




Swirling Depravity

A Hentai Novellette With Tentacles

SWIRLING DEPRAVITY is the tale of a 19 years old avid gamer who is still trying to finish high school, his name, Roy Stevens. While desperately attempting to catch up with his academics, he fantasies all day long about his sweet, busty, desirable and dear professor... until the day she is mysteriously absent for the first time ever. She was then unexplainably replaced by Miss Viviane Malaya, a pink-haired substitute teacher with large breasts, who happened to have stumbled on Roy in the middle of a series of shenanigans. Things get supernatural when the drop dead gorgeous replacement professor is seen summoning Hellish, monstrous tentacles from another world in the gym by another student. Luckily for our hero, this student happened to be Roy’s old pal from back in the day. Will Roy and his friends be able to make it alive as Miss Malaya also appears to be a sex-craving witch? We’re sure to find out before the end of this school day.