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A Hentai Flash-Fiction


Camille Juteau

Seishi, Camille Juteau©2018


His chamber was dark and filled of smoke. Yes, he was a smoker. It was late at night as he was using his computer as a vehicle to drive through this same night. He was searching a very specific web-site he had heard about for a while now.

He was in full on dark web territory. When he thought he had finally found the site he was desperately looking for, he first ended up on a ‘welcome’ page warning him of the multiple dangers of visiting this web-zone.

Don’t enter this web-site if you want to go to Heaven.

He of course ignored everything that was written on there, warning him. He barely read half of what was there. The man inserted his cigarette in his mouth and smoked some more from it before clicking on: ‘enter’. He was immediately transferred to one of the most unusual web-cam show site he’d ever seen. The strange web-site only had one cam live stream being broadcast at the moment, only one. The man clicked on the constantly moving GIF image representing this show. A woman was on the picture.

Once on the live stream page, the broadcast almost instantly started playing for him. The woman he previously just saw on the GIF image was fully revealed to him. She was much clearer here.

She had beautiful, cute brown eyes. Even cuter black glasses amplified her beauty. Her long hair was straight and had a sweet chocolate brown color to it. Her hair ended very far in her back. It was apparent to the man that she was big beautiful woman. An obviously all natural one as well, her 36L were real. They were real and magnificent. She had a glorious smile; she almost looked like a cat when she grinned.

While she was a cam-girl on duty, it was noteworthy to notice that she was still wearing clothes. She wore an aqua blue blouse with half of it unbuttoned, therefore, showing a ton of her cleavage. We could also see she was wearing pants, sexy tight dark blue jeans.  

Despite the beautiful view the smoking man had of her right now, everything about this web-site and she was very weird. The sexy brunette looked like she could be broadcasting to thousands of people, but the smoker was strangely her one and only viewer.  

‘’Oh, I see a lucky one just joined the stream. Hi. How are you?’’

She said while cutely observing the lens of her camera, as if she could directly stare at her viewer now. The man seemed surprised to see what he had just found. He then went into the deserted chat of the steam, picked up a random username and started the conversation with her.


He simply written and posted in the chat.

The web-cam girl looked down on her monitor and noticed the first entry in the chat. She smiled.

‘’Hey, what’s up, you didn’t say how you were. How are you?’’

Good I guess. Why am I the only one here? Do you always get so little people watching you?

He quickly typed for her.

‘’You’re not the only one here. You’re the first one to arrive. You’re the lucky one. Now, would you like to have some fun with me?’’


‘’Well, I hope you are already enjoying yourself here. I hope you like what you see.’’

She said while softly touching her cleavage, the beautiful, magical crack that divided her big boobs.

‘’Do you want me to make it even better for you?’’

She asked him as she continued talking.

Yeah, sure...

‘’What is your biggest fetish, honey?’’

Girls getting screwed by tentacles...

She looked down; saw his response in the chat. She then looked up at the camera and at him, she smiled a little more as she kept playing, fingering the crack of her cleavage. While the attention of the man was all over her fingers touching her breasts and that he kept smoking behind the keyboard, the woman reached at the camera with her other hand.

As her hand simply seemed to touch the lens of her camera at first – her fingers actually went through his screen – it came out of the man’s monitor. The smoker avoided her hand just in time; he accidentally dropped his cigarette on the floor as she made him jumped. He looked down at his smoke on the ground. When he looked back up at his monitor, he saw the sexy woman in the live video on the web-site; her arm was still in his home, reaching for him. Very soon, he saw something unusual behind the girl. His fetish brought to life, apple green coloured tentacles dancing in her back.

In a matter of seconds, two of the group of tentacles followed her arm as it invaded the man’s apartment. The two tentacles slowly and softly wrapped around her arm, becoming her arm in a spiral of flesh.

Before he could do anything, the woman grabbed his shirt with her hand and tried to pull him into the monitor. The man fought back and was able to pull her out of the computer screen, bringing her to his home by force. But when he thought he had successfully pulled the woman out of the monitor, he soon realized he was dead wrong. The arm with the tentacles wrapped around came off and was pulled in his home, all alone, without the rest of the cam-girl that would normally come with.

In total panic, the man let the arm go and dropped in. He ran out of the room filled of smoke and rushed himself in the hallway. Before he could go farther, he heard the woman speaking. Not behind him in the room he previously was, but rather closer to him, in front of him. The brunette then slowly entered the hallway he was in; she appeared in it on the opposite side of the way she got into his home, suggesting the idea that she teleported.

She slowly walked up to him. She had one arm missing. She smiled to the man.

‘’Your fetish...’’

She said. Then, her missing arm was seen, crawling on the floor of the hallway. It crawled out of the computer room the man was in a minute ago. The arm was currently freed of the tentacles. Her arm crawled up to her, up to her feet.

She picked it up and placed it back where it belonged, right under her left shoulder.

‘’... I brought it to life.’’

She continued as the two tentacles then suddenly started appearing behind her in the hallway.

The end.