DNA Valkyrie: A Hentai Neo-Noir, Mystery Novel




Cynthia Widdowfield is a strip dancer half the time and a private investigator during the rest of the day. She lives in the world of Ecstasy, a dense haven where Humanoid Dinosaur people known as Saurius co-exist with Humans. Hybrids of the two species also exist and are called Urzax. Despite the thrills of being a detective and the excitement of performing on stage, naked, Cynthia is a poor, down on her luck, young lady that is desperately trying make ends meet. Follow her into her adventures as she is getting undressed for money and attempting to solve new cases as misfortune appears to be stalking her every day.



Story By Camille Juteau

Edited By Jimjim

3D CG Illustrations By Jimjim

Special 2D Illustration By Kruth666