Hinata: White Eyes

A Hentai Short Story


Camille Juteau

A Doujinshi Hentai Short Story

Based On The Characters Appearing In ‘‘NARUTO’‘

Created By Masashi Kishimoto

By Camille Juteau

The Ninja World.

Two young people were hugging each other in what was probably one of the most sacred rooms in the whole village. The master office of the Hokage’s place in Konohagakure. These two persons, sitting on the Hokage’s desk were Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyûga.

Long gone was the time of Lady Tsunade as the Hokage, or even for Kakashi Hatake as well for that matter. This is a different time… Naruto Uzumaki was now the Hokage, the seventh one. The gorgeous Hinata Hyûga soon became her wife following him turning into the new Hokage.

Hinata’s back rubbed against the surface of the large desk while Naruto groped her giant, bouncy tits with his big hands. Both are them were still fully dressed up at that time. They kissed as they stared at each other. Naruto whispered something to her.

“Hinata… I’m so glad you said yes to become my wife.”

She took a while to answer him, having trouble to get her own words together.

“… Hum… Yes… It feels like we were meant to be together…”

His chest touched hers. He was just about to kiss her again, this time, using his tongue.

“Oh gosh, I love you Hinata!”

But… Just when this world seemed to be the reality, our reality, my reality… My eyes flickered for a second and my attention moved away from what I was currently watching with pure admiration. We were not in the Ninja World from the Naruto Universe. I was not part of that world. Only in the real world.

During that evening, I was watching a Naruto Hentai Anime, right in my own living room, on the screen of my television. My computer, my laptop was hooked up to my television for more than a week now. I’ve been watching a shit load of Hentai Anime in my living room recently.

And of course. I was fiercely masturbating myself as I was staring at Naruto getting ready to fuck Hinata. Oh, Hinata… My sweet Hinata… I was so much in love with you.

She’s been my favorite Manga and Anime girl for so long now. My all time favorite Hentai woman.

What I liked to call my own wife in a weird way…She made me so happy in the past, and she kept making me incredibly happy as a man until today. She did nothing wrong. I swear to God. She would never do something that would make me feel bad as she always been a fictional character. But still, today was
different. Fapping to her isn’t enough anymore… I wanted more. I wanted to feel her. I wanted to fuck her so bad that particular evening. I kept watching this awesome Anime that I had already watched a dozen time while having all those thoughts in my head. I then took a sip of my grape juice while continuing to
masturbate, looking at my precious Hinata.

On the screen of the television…

Naruto was pumping inside of Hinata’s vagina. Fucking the Hell out of her… From my own memory of watching this particular Anime, I knew this scene was soon coming to a close. Naruto was about to finish, he would pull out of her vagina and cum all over her sexy body.

My right hand moved a lot faster on my cock as Naruto ultimately shot all his white looking sperm on Hinata’s chest and breasts. I nearly came watching the end of that scene again, but I quickly stopped myself from fapping. I didn’t knew why really, but I didn’t wanted to cum right away, like I used to in front of that beautiful animated scene.

This Naruto Hentai Anime was not over yet… Only the sex scene ended. The Anime cut away to a different scene. After having been left alone in the Hokage office by Naruto after he came, Hinata desperately tried to wash away his sperm from her body.

She putted most of her clothes back on herself and sat down on a comfortable looking couch at the entrance of the office. Probably displayed there to welcome guests, so they can sit on something while waiting if they needed to.
A little bit of time went by as Hinata was relaxing on the couch alone… At least an hour went by from the moment she was having sex with her husband, Naruto.

It was now night time in Konohagakure.

That was the very first time I’ve been that far in this Naruto Hentai Anime. Now that I realized it, I always shut it off prior to that scene due to me having came minutes before seeing Hinata on the couch. Which was a big surprise for me to see her alone on the couch, looking sad, in a Hentai Anime…

I thought it was kind of weird to be honest but as strange as it was, I was still super hard for reasons I didn’t know… Seeing her like that, alone, unsatisfied, disappointed…

Made me feel even more for her… Jealous.

I also somehow felt a lot of jealous toward Naruto that he got to fuck her so many times… Hinata was now lying down on the couch. She just moved her amazingly sexy legs on the surface of the couch, making them even more visible than before. She then also started to do awkward movements with her hands.
She touched the sides of her head with her fingertips and her eyes squinted. She seemed super focused. Hinata yelled something out loud in the Hokage office.


Suddenly, I accidentally threw something off a table besides my couch with my rock hard glans. I was so shocked by the scene that I was watching in this now, unusual, Hentai Anime that I didn’t saw my dick getting closer to the things standing on the table. What fell down was my glass full of grape juice…
I’ve spilled the whole glass of juice on the floor without being able to do anything
about it… But I didn’t saw the worst in all that. On the floor was resting my laptop, hooked up to my television. The juice went everywhere on the laptop, immediately causing some kind of short circuit.

Scary sparks came out of the laptop, messing with the streaming of the Anime on the television. I was convinced the laptop was doomed… The computer stopped working, same for the television. Nothing was no longer working anymore. Not only that, but the lights in the room burned and they all stopped working as well.

All the electricity in the house was gone. For a pretty long time like too… For what seemed to be way to many eternal minutes… But suddenly, just like that, the lights in the living room came back without any warning. When the lights went back, something had changed in the house.

I was no longer alone. While the laptop and the television were both still out of
commission, someone was standing in front of me in the room. It was…

Hinata Hyûga.

It. Was. Simply. Impossible. For. Me. To. Believe. My. Eyes.

Hinata was inside my house, inside my living room. She looked at me extremely shy and confused while trying to hold her massive boobs in place under her piece of clothe. Probably due to her forgetting to put her bra back on. I was still naked, and rock hard on the couch. I tried to speak to her as she seemed too lost to do so.

“Hinata Hyûga? What’s going on? What are you doing here?”

She took a step back from me and did her best to talk.

“How… How do you know my name? Where am I?”

Right now I was just hoping I wouldn’t scare her. I legitimately wanted to help her despite me being absolutely shocked with the events.

“This is my home. There’s nothing to fear, you are safe here. I’ve been knowing you for a very long time… Oh my God Hinata! I’m your biggest fan in the entire world! Please don’t leave…”

Her eyes exploded. She seemed even more surprised than ever before.

“A fan? You say you are a fan of me? How?”

She is trying to hide her generous chest with her arms as her big boobs are a bit visible from under her clothes.

“I simply am! I promise! Please don’t run away I won’t hurt you, I want to take care of you and figure out what happened… I mean how you got here and all…”

And then it seemed like I succeeded a little in convincing her I was someone she could trust. Hinata slowly walked closer to me and the couch… Approximately five seconds of slow walk and she reached my position in the room. She putted her arms around my chest and unexpectedly hugged me. I could feel her awesome, fat tits softly rubbing against my naked chest. She then
quietly spoke to me.

“I never thought I had a fan… I never thought I could ever have a fan… Not that it’s something I ever wanted more than that…”

Hinata moved her mouth really close to mine. Our lips were touching each other.

“But… If you’re my really my fan… My only fan… My biggest fan… That means I can trust you.”

And then she kissed me. Hinata kissed me. She didn’t used her tongue on me but after us kissing each other for a while I’ve finally decided to use mine. My perverted tongue entered inside her mouth and I felt like I was basically fucking her using my tongue as a penetration device. The crazy thing about it was that she let me do all that. Which is surprising considering what kind of character she was in the Naruto series.

After a few minutes, our sexy kisses ended. We then stared at each other for a while…

“You know my name but I don’t know yours… I feel like I should know the name of my biggest fan…”

I was holding Hinata’s body as she kept talking to me following our kisses. I made her sit on my knees.

“People call me by the name of EdgeMaster…”

Even tough I loved talking with her like that, I was done only talking. I dove for her giant, majestic boobs. I removed the piece of clothes she was wearing and unveiled her chest. I putted my hands all over her sexy breasts, rubbing her thick and long nipples with my fingers.

I then immediately started to suck one of her nipples with my mouth. I was sucking the Hell out of it, similar to a starving baby holding a milk bottle. I didn’t cared much about being a good boy with her at the moment, a ton of saliva slid out of my mouth as I was sucking her delicious nipple. Oh gosh… It tasted so great. So good. Hinata even begun to moan at some point while I was sucking it.

“Edge… Edge… Huh… Ahn… Edge… Nhn… Master… Mnm… Huh… Ahn… I’ll make sure to remember it… Nhn… Mnm…”

After I was done sucking her nipple for now, I moved Hinata to the couch. I wanted her to rest on it while we would continue our little activity. I inserted my rock hard cock between her giant and super soft boobs. The tip of my glans was so wet that we were already able to easily slide my dick between them.

And it began… I was fucking Hinata’s big boobs. I kept getting deeper into her chest, into the surface of her skin as I was fucking her tits. Nothing in my life ever felt better than that, nothing. I was fucking her huge boobs really fast, going in and out of her gorgeous breasts crack.

Really soon, Hinata surprised me like I would have never expected her to do so. She moved her mouth a lot closer to my cock fucking her big boobs and she started licking my glans. Without me seeing it coming, she was already putting my erected penis inside her mouth and she was sucking it.

I was having my cock sucked off by Hinata as I was riding and fucking her giant tits. I even used my fingers to tease her nipples. Caressing them. Rubbing them. Even hardly squeezing them at times. I was moving so fast, fucking her so brutally that the very tip of my cock suddenly got out of Hinata’s mouth due to my fault. I lost control with my intensity in riding her fat tits.

Having my dick accidentally being removed from the inside of her mouth while still fucking her big boobs made me loose even more control over my erection.
I ultimately ejaculated while fucking Hinata’s breasts. Hinata was now lying down on her back on the surface of the couch as I unloaded my cock and the inside of my testicles all over her. I came all over her beautiful face and her perfect set of tits.

She was covered with my very own semen. Hinata looked at me, looking at me in the eyes. She was smiling a lot at me.

“EdgeMaster… You seemed so happy now. I’m glad I’ve satisfied you.”

But then my cock suddenly bounced against one of her giant tits and got closer to her face. Hinata’s attention went back to my somehow, still rock hard, extremely erected penis. I undressed Hinata. This time. She was completely undressed. I got myself under her body, she was over my knees in reverse, her back facing me. I was so hard it didn’t took long for me to get inside of her warm vagina after starting to rub the very tip pg my glans against her. Sex never been that good for me. I was fucking what was the most beautiful and perfect woman to me. Despite all the love that I spiritually gave her in the past, I didn’t knew she was real an hour ago…

My cock dove really deep inside her pussy. I was not giving her a rest, she could barely breath the way I was trusting into her. Hinata only kept moaning and her body shaking while receiving the powerful waves of vaginal penetrations I was giving to her. We fucked in that position for a very long time. I was not getting tired at all. After having came once already I never wanted to stop ever again. It felt like I was destroying the interior of her vagina overtime with my cock, but she never seemed to be turned off by what was I was doing to her.

She moaned and kept positively reacting to pretty much everything. At some point, in the middle of her almost eternal moaning, she quietly spoke something to me.

“I want you so deep EdgeMaster… I want you for me alone…”

I then grabbed the sides of her body with my hands and moved her so my penis get even deeper inside her.

“All the times I fapped on that couch just for you, now that you’re real you belong to me, only to me.”

I forced her to change position. I threw her on the couch and opened up her legs really wide. I immediately charged and found my way back to her, my way back inside her. In a swing, my glans slid inside her vagina. Soon… All of my cock followed the path my glans chose to take and I was already fucking Hinata even deeper than ever before. She moaned even more and started screaming drowned in sweet sexual pleasure.

The palms of my hands were resting on her thighs, also holding them in place so I could fuck her as much as possible. We were both so excited that tons of sperm were covering my dick as well as her own cum. All that made it a lot more difficult for me to keep this going for a very long time. It was so good I couldn’t resist anymore… I pulled out of her vagina and started masturbating myself over her, over her body as she was lying down on the couch. Overwhelmed by sexual pleasures… That was it, I was about to cum for a second time already, somehow, I knew that was the big finale for us.

Oh gosh… I didn’t recalled having masturbated myself so roughly, so quickly and
brutally before when I was alone, thinking about her. Hinata seemed to be
constructing a mini barrage with her palms around my cock, possibly in hope to
control where my cum shots were gonna go. She was playing damage control basically for some reasons… Hinata desperately tried to talk as the masturbating sounds caused by me were burying her calm, quiet and sweet voice.

“… Please give it all to me… Cover me with your precious cum…”

Despite the loud masturbating sounds I still heard her a bit. It was enough for me to come to a close and to reach my final ejaculation. I started ejaculating all over her gorgeous big boobs and belly. I was cumming so much… Already a ton of my sperm fell down and crashed on her. Covering her large breasts, belly and filling up her belly button. It was really satisfying, but something was missing… Something I really wanted to do with her, if I was to ever meet Hinata for real…
More than anything else, I wanted to ejaculate inside her, unleashing my sperm
inside her vagina…

Just before it got too late and that I was completely done emptying my testicles I
fiercely moved my cock from above Hinata to her pussy.


Still hard enough, my cock entered inside her vagina. I pumped into her and fucked her for a couple more seconds before no longer being able to fuck at all… But that was alright because I shot the remaining stock of my sperm inside her vagina, pushing really deep into her womb. Hinata reacted in a weird way, really surprised by what I just did.

“Filling me up? No don’t do that I’ll get pregnant…”

A shit ton of my sperm got on the exterior of her pussy while I was in the process of entering inside her vagina. A lot more of it got inside her. I was now done ejaculating. It was all over. I pulled out my cock from her pussy and let her take a look at all this crazy mess beginning with my dick covered in cum.

“That’s exactly what I want to do with you Hinata.”

Just when she stopped moaning and started to touch the torrential amount of hot
sperm flowing out of her own vagina… A new strange incident happened… One more person suddenly came out from television screen. This time it was…

Naruto Uzumaki.

He stared at us as soon as he arrived in the living room. The hero ready to rescue his loved one.

“Hinata! I’m here to save you!”

But to his big surprise, Hinata behaved in a totally different way that he was probably expecting it. She calmly stayed on the couch without moving much, she didn’t seemed in a hurry to get saved by him. That being because she didn’t seemed to be feeling in danger whatsoever. Hinata smiled at Naruto while starting to rub my now flaccid cock. She then surprisingly even smirked at him, a new, more confident voice came out of her mouth.

“I don’t need to be saved Naruto. My new friend impregnated me. I want to be married with him instead of you now, do you understand that?”

Naruto shook his right fist. His head moved down.

“If you’re sure this is what you want…”

He turned around and charged at the television, going through it like a portal. He
disappeared from the living room and got transported back to the Ninja World. As soon as he was gone, Hinata switched from rubbing my cock to masturbate my testicles.

“What are you doing Hinata?”

She then masturbated my balls with even more passion.

“Trying to get you hard again EdgeMaster…”

Minutes later… Hinata was still masturbating my testicles… It didn’t even took what? Fifteen minutes? And my testicles… I mean my cock was rock hard again. I felt like I was already ready for more action with her. But just when we were getting ready to select a new position for us to try… Sparks came out of the television and someone suddenly got transported to my living
room again. I really thought it would had been Naruto again, but no. It was two persons instead.

Sakura Haruno and Lady Tsunade.

Oh gosh, even though Hinata was my favorite Naruto girl I got even harder to see Sakura and Tsunade appearing in my house. They both look so sexy… Sakura was the first one among the two to speak.

“Oh my! Naruto was right to tell us about that… Well, he was wrong about a dangerous man trying to kidnap his Hinata, I only see a sweet gentleman giving some love to a woman.”

Sakura winked at me and Tsunade putted one of her arms around her novice’s neck before talking as well.

“Naruto sure did found a great man for us– Kunoichis of Konohagakure. Nice to meet you sir.”

Tsunade licked her own lips with the tip of her tongue. I was completely overwhelmed by the situation. They then started walking closer to the couch, they seemed about to join Hinata and I. But just before they did, suddenly, more sparks came out of the television. Someone was once again trying to get to our world. That was Naruto again. Half of his body was visible in the room, he was still in process of coming out of the television screen. Just when I thought Naruto would screw everything up, Hinata quickly reacted by putting her fingers on the side of her head. She intensely stared at Naruto and seemed to be using her Byakugan abilities on him. In barely half a minute, Naruto vanished and nobody seemed no longer able to get through our 3world anymore. We all turned our heads and looked at Hinata. I was the first one to question her about what she did.

“What have you done Hinata?”

She turned at me and smiled.

“I recently unlocked a new hidden Byakugan ability… I found out on my own that I was able to open portals through our creator, Masashi Kishimoto’s world with the use of it… Kept that discovery of mine a secret among the people in Konohagakure…”

What the Hell… For real?

“So that was you? You’re responsible for all this happening in the first place? Not the grape juice going all over my laptop?”

Hinata suddenly looked as shy, quiet and sweet as she always did in the Naruto Manga and Anime.

“What grape juice?”

The End.