Jenny The Gutsy

A Hentai Short Story


Camille Juteau

Based On The ‘’JENNY’’ Character

Created By Hugo Rune

By Camille Juteau

And the room was turning weirder, again… He was starring at her curriculum vitae since already fifteen minutes without really asking her anything. It was a truly infernal day outside, but what made it insupportable, and hot are the ambiance, and the air conditioning of his professional office. Finally, the fifty years old business man started to speak again to the young blonde woman awkwardly waiting inside her chair.

‘’This is a very interesting document. I see here that you have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in journalism. But I would like to know what’s motivating you in applying for this channel?’’

It was then her turn to make her voice heard in the dead serious room. The timid young blonde woman was about to sell everything to get this job.

‘’Mister, in all honestly, I want to be a professional reporter since the age of five.’’ Due to the heavy emotional pressure, she quickly laughed. ‘’Without kidding, that would be an infinitely strong accomplishment for me to work for Channel Wind. If I was to work here I would totally do my very best each day.’’

The bureaucratic frightening business man took a look at her with a hesitant smirk on his face.

‘’You’re curriculum vitae is impressive, but… We are not currently looking for a reporter.“

A long frozen moment installed itself in the heart of the room, with both of the man, and the woman starring at each other. After a few seconds, he broke this icy moment.

‘’That will be all, thanks for having applied here’’.

The young woman instantly understood what that meant. She removed herself from the chair she was sitting on, and almost ran to the exit door of the room. But not fast enough to get out of this awkward hell, the business man quickly followed her up to the closed door. He opened the door to her, just when she thought it was entirely over, the business man moved one of his arms closer to her. The business man gave her curriculum vitae back, but while bringing it back to her, he accidentally entered in contact with her chest. By complete physical mistake, the man touched the young woman’s breasts with one of his hands, and the curriculum vitae. Drowned of awkwardness, he made his quick excuses soon after.

‘’So—sorry, here’s your curriculum.’’

She immediately answered him, in hope to make it seems like she is really alright with this accident.

‘’Its fine, no worry,’’

The man took a final look at her fake smile. The young woman remained very polite until the very end.

‘’Thanks, have a good day’’.

But it was not the last words in this conversation, the business man spoke one last time to her.

‘’Maybe next time Jenny’’

And she turned back her head to the man, smiling like a doll to him. This lonely visitor of the Channel Wind studio used the elevator to get back to the first floor. Jenny was about to entirely leave the building when a curious sound suddenly came from her green purse. It’s her cell phone that is ringing from inside the bag… Jenny still freshly demolished by being turned down by the channel grabbed her cell phone from her purse, and rudely answered the call.

‘’Hello, what is it?’’.

It was Jenny’s Mother on the phone, but she didn’t take the time to check on her little phone’s screen. Her Mother slowly responded to her daughter.

‘’Happy birthday Jenny, hope you’re going to have a great day’’.

Jenny was relieved, she felt sorry by accidentally speaking rude to her Mother.

‘’Thank you Mom, this is the nicest thing I heard today’’.

Her Mother hoped her daughter’s words we’re true, she continued speaking.

‘’Are you already going to your job interview?’’.

Jenny awkwardly yawned in the middle of the phone discussion.

‘’No Mom, it’s finished, I met one of the directors of the channel. Got turned down…’’.

While she was speaking to her Mother on the phone, she kept walking, she left the channel building, caring about nothing except her own bad luck.

Approximately an hour later, Jenny arrived to her next stop in the city. Not for a job interview, or even for lunch as this is past noon. Jenny entered the police station, walking really fast, she was completely aware of the direction to take inside to go where she wanted to go. Jenny firmly parked herself in front of one of the reception counter. She was trying to discreetly look at the police officer behind the counter. This particular cop was named Benoit, Officer Benoit, it was written on his uniform. Officer Benoit then finally saw her, the cop looked so busy, but willing to help Jenny.

‘’How may I help you young lady?’’.

Jenny already knew how to ask her question to the police officer, she immediately got to the point.

‘’Hi, I’m working for the important studio: Channel Wind, I was doing some researches concerning mysterious disappearances in town. I would like to know if you recently learned something about the incidents that occurred inside Claude Rains Avenue?’’.

The surprised police officer took a couple of seconds to think.

‘’Claude Rains Avenue? You mean the rumors, the rumors about those missed persons being turned into invisible individuals? We haven’t found those persons yet, but those rumors are nothing Ma’am.’’

As she expected before penetrating inside this police station, Jenny was disappointed.


The police officer was slowly taking her less, and less seriously.

‘’Hope you don’t believe those stories didn’t you?’’.

Jenny smiled, simply acting as she seemed to be ready to leave.

‘’No, never. Thank you for everything officer.’’

Later that day, Jenny continued the afternoon by visiting one more public place. On the road of what seemed to be a personal investigation, Jenny was inside a cool-looking, but very small cyber-café. Jenny was standing behind a guy sited on a chair in front of a computer. This man with black hair and a Mega-Man T-shirt was named Martin. By the way Jenny, and Martin was physically close to each other in their corner of the cyber-café, they seemed to be really good friends. Martin was speaking to Jenny while typing on the computer’s keyboard.

‘’You know, I was believing this case, this project, whatever what we are doing is at fist. But now, I think that we we’re simply wrong. Jenny, I honestly don’t think anything special happened to the disappeared ones in Claude Rains Avenue. Been abducted, maybe, been murdered, maybe, been gone living with the alligators in the sewers, maybe. But our theory of the invisible entities is not working out at all…’’

Jenny didn’t enjoyed what she was hearing at that moment, however, a lot of truth from Martin’s words we’re going through her. Martin then took a small sip of the cold cappuccino that he was holding . He sipped his drink in a shy, almost silent way to not upset Jenny following this complicated conversation.

‘’Maybe your right Martin, I’m not sure to what to think about all of it now. Perhaps urban legends must stay urban legends sometimes.’’

But suddenly, as Jenny accidentally rubbed the base of her clothes on the side of a table, the very edge of a pair of scissors touched her. The scissors strangely scratched, and cut Jenny’s shirt, it’s impossible to think that those small scissors could had scrapped her clothes. Directly out of a very poor comedy movie, the scratch of the pair of scissors broke her shirt even more, the scratch kept going, and cut Jenny’s shirt at ¾ of it’s size. Under her shirt, Jenny huge, and bouncy cleavage was publicly revealed to everybody’s eyes in the café.

Happily for her, only Martin been able to saw what happened to her clothe with the scissors, unsure of what really to do in that particular situation. Martin was simply starring at Jenny, afraid, and nodding his head to tell his friend that this was not a funny accident at all. Jenny immediately reacted, she took one of her arms to covered the big hole inside her shirt, and she putted back the pair of scissors that was still weirdly stuck to her piece of clothe, a little similar to a glue stick. Jenny left her friend Martin, and rushed herself to the café’s bathroom, naturally the one for women.

There, Jenny was glad to found out that nobody was in the room with her. But the trouble was still here with her, she didn’t knew what to do to solve this problem. Suddenly, Jenny thought that it was not too bad honestly, the blades of the scissors only created a large area in her shirt where her cleavage can now be seen. This was not the end of the world, her bra was still perfectly okay under her shirt, competently intact, and the overall hole was not revealing too much.

At the moment Jenny was gaining her personal confidence back, her good friend Martin strangely opened the door of the bathroom, and entered inside with half of his body. Jenny was surprised, she was not going to tell him, but his arrival made her jumped of fear a little. In surface, she just seemed to be more angry,

Jenny yelled at him.

‘’What are you doing here?’’

The young man was honestly horribly shy, and ashamed to get himself this far inside a bathroom made for women.

‘’Sorry, sorry, sorry… I just wanted to give you this…’’

Martin brought Jenny her leather jacket that she forgot, and accidentally left on the top of her chair in the café. Jenny yawned, and whispered to the poor boy that simply wanted to help her out.

‘’Oh my God, thanks Mart, what I’d be doing without you?’’

He was somehow relieved, Martin smiles to her, and was preparing himself to close the bathroom’s door.

‘’No problem, take you’re time refreshing yourself.’’

Before Martin had even enough time to hand Jenny the jacket, and leave, a woman arrived at the entrance of the bathroom. She was instantly disgusted to see a man opening the women bathroom’s door, and to take a sneak peek inside.

‘’Let me pass and get the Hell out of here you pervert .’’

Martin was scared the shit out of his life, trapped under the heavy pressure that this female stranger is bringing him. Martin accidentally stumbled even further inside the bathroom instead of leaving it. As he almost fell on the floor of the bathroom because of the woman pushing him, Martin loosed hold of his cappuccino, and entirely dropped it on the extremely unlucky Jenny.

All of the very cold coffee was splashed on Jenny’s chest, on her cut off shirt. Most of the liquid have slide inside the big hole in her shirt, making through her super size bra. While becoming he biggest sorry, and apologizing man in the world, Martin was finally rejected out of the bathroom as the woman pulled him out, and closed to door on his face.

Never been able to give Jenny her jacket back, till apologizing himself outside the room. As the female stranger appeared to be really mean, she walked towards Jenny, and tried to help her. She was trying to remove the cappuccino drink from Jenny’s shirt using her fingertips.

But it made everything a lot worst, the woman accidentally opened the cut in the shirt a new times, now the shirt has completely been cut in a half. The scrapped piece of clothe opened up, and fell by itself off Jenny’s back, flying in the airs of the bathroom, finishing it’s fly on the floor, no longer wearable.

The female stranger was then emotionally turned mean to awkwardly surprised, and sorry.

‘’Oh, no… I’m so sorry… I think you need to remove you’re bra… We need to get it dry, and it won’t work as fast if you keep it on…’’

Jenny was not comfortable, and overall happy with this idea, but this new stranger was right , she helped her removed her bra. Jenny is now half-naked, she was only wearing a thin, short, skirt, and a pair of striking colorful high-heeled shoes. The female stranger pulled out a small emergency dryer from her purse, she roughly took the bra from Jenny’s hands, and used the the dryer on it.

‘’Hey, I can do it myself…’’

The female stranger responded to Jenny, a little bit harshly. ‘’My dryer.’’

In the middle of the process of drying up her bra, the woman aimed the dryer at Jenny’s breasts, she was trying to dry her huge boobs with the very useful gadget. Jenny quickly covered up her breasts with her arms.

‘’What’s wrong with you?’’

The woman pushing hot wind on Jenny’s breasts remained serious about her technique.

‘’You’re chest is all wet, inexplicably almost more wet than you’re bra…”

Entirely against her own will, Jenny slowly removed her arms from her chest, revealing her breasts again so the stranger can continue to use the dryer on her boobs. After a few minutes of the strange cleaning up, and drying Jenny, and her bra, she turned off her gadget, and ran to one of the bathroom’s cabins.

‘’Hold on, I need to pee…’’

Jenny then whispered alone in the middle of the bathroom. ‘’You have to be kidding me…’’

She was horribly tired of waiting, and waiting. Jenny grabbed her bra that the stranger left on a water tap of the bathroom, sadly, it was still soaked of the persistent cappuccino. But fortunately a lot better that it was a couple of minutes ago. Jenny took the bra back in hope to put it on back on her chest in order to make this critical situation a little bit less dangerous.

Close to the highest peak of bad luck, Jenny’s fingers slide off the contact of her own bra, and it fell off inside one of the bathroom’s sinks. The new modern system of public bathroom’s sink directly laughed at Jenny’s face when the movements of the bra felling in the sink activated the water tap electronic system. Jenny’s bra was once again splashed, and covered of liquid, this times, simple water. Jenny was overly angry by all this, she quickly grabbed her bra inside the sink while hearing the weird woman peeing in the room, again, and again.

Jenny continued her angry momentum by punching the wall with her bra attached to her hand. What she didn’t knew was that she activated another thing when she punched the wall. She accidentally pushed the button that control the electronic wind dryer system. Surprised, and overwhelmed by the strong hot wind, Jenny was powerfully pushed back, and thrown away by the strength of the wind.

Jenny was pushed on the door of the bathroom, she opened it during her imbalance run . Ultimately, Jenny fell outside the bathroom, the door quickly, and hardly closed itself on Jenny that was lying down on the floor of the cafe’s hallway. Luckily, Jenny was still alone at the back of the hallway. She immediately tried to open up the door, but with absolutely no success, it was not working, the door has nothing to say, and doesn’t want to cooperate with Jenny.

Then, she thought about something, a new idea. If Martin was still not too far around in the cafe, he could gave Jenny her jacket back, everything could be okay, and she would be saved. Jenny slowly walked inside the scary, and silent hallway, safely advancing with her arms protecting her breasts. Finally, Jenny arrived at the end of the hallway, taking a quick look on the other side of the corner of the cafe to see if her friend Martin is nearby. The hopes are down when she noticed that Martin is not around at all.

Fortunately, nobody has seen her yet with her head positioned on the
other side of the corner of the cafe. There was not enough people inside the place to be realistically able to notice Jenny at the entrance of the hallway in the back of the cafe. Just when Jenny was beginning to feel safe, and stealthy enough to remained incognito, a very young boy suddenly noticed her sneaking around the back of the cafe.

‘’Mommy, the naked lady there in the hallway is looking at everybody.’’

And similar to a game of domino, everything fell a part in the instant of a wink. Now everyone inside the cafe has turned their heads, and was looking at Jenny, still trying to hide herself on one of the walls of the hallway. Roughly a dozen of people were inside the place, starring at Jenny. The Mother of the young boy immediately came closer to him, covering the eyes off her child with her hands.

‘’Where do you think you are young woman? This is a public place, not you’re house…’’

Jenny was then hurt, this is not what she wanted to do, she is completely discovered, she left her hiding place in the hallway, and walked towards the center of the cafe. Without realizing it, she just made her situation even worst, she was looking for to explain herself to the Mother, and to apologize to her, but now, the people inside the cafe were able to see a lot more.

Jenny was so awkwardly while accidentally confused, and determined that she suddenly forgot to keep her arms around her chest to cover her breasts. Jenny’s boobs were revealed to everybody, and each of the persons inside the cafe were not interested in loosing their chances to see her breasts as Jenny simply wanted to speak to the Mother.

‘’This is not what I wanted to do, I’m so sorry, a technical problem happened, and I lost my clothes…’’

Then, someone opened the door of the cafe, and entered inside, this is Martin, he was finally back. ‘’Jenny. Sorry for having left the hallway outside… I just got back from the car, brought you some of my jogging clothes in addition to you’re jacket… What happened?’’

Jenny was once again extremely confused, this times by Martin’s arrival, she barely thought about covering up her breasts as all the persons in the place, men, and women were super charged, having the best day ever. Jenny widely ran towards Martin, only thinking about escaping with him inside his car. During her race to reach Martin’s position, Jenny exactly ran besides the table her, and Martin were previously at.

Still on the surface of the table, the edges of the blades on the pair of scissors entered in contact with Jenny’s thin skirt. Instantly, her skirt was scratched, cut in two different pieces, and Jenny’s skirt ended up on the floor of the cafe. Jenny was now only wearing her high-heeled shoes, and her cute little panties. Martin was horrified, and deeply sorry for Jenny while obviously secretly super excited by what he was seeing.

‘’Stupid scissors, let me help you Jenny’’.

She was personally amazed, and not able to believe that another strike of bad luck happened to her. ‘’What, those scissors, again? How can it be happening twice?’’

As Martin started running to Jenny’s position in order to help her out, one more person penetrated inside the cafe by the main front door. A a police officer, the exact same cop that welcomed, and talked to Jenny earlier at the police station, Officer Benoit. The police officer stopped Martin from doing anything.

‘’Hold yourself in place kid. Well, well… Think about a coincidence… You, the lady who came at the station, asking questions about invisible people, literally being on a serious investigation on the invisible men… And now I find you inside a cafe almost totally naked… One thing is obvious, you are not one of those invisible folks at all… That’s for sure…’’

Following those final words, everybody inside the place started laughing like crazy, everybody except Martin, and Jenny. She was desperately attempting to claim her defense. ‘’No, officer, I promise, this is absolutely not what this looks like… I was not trying to get naked in public, what happened is that…’’

The police officer firmly interrupted Jenny. ‘’Forget about it honey, I got more than often to get you back at the station. I came here to buy some coffee but I guess we are already coming back home.’’

The police officer approached closer to her, he putted Jenny her handcuffs on her hands. ‘’No, officer, this is a mistake, please don’t do that…’’

This was how the adventure at the cyber-cafe ended that day. A quarter of an hour later, arrived at the police station. The police officer that arrested Jenny was having a ton of troubles getting her out of the patrol car since how much she was angry, and hesitant at the idea of leaving the car. The police officer had to entirely lifted Jenny with his arms out of the car. Jenny was still only wearing her panties, and her high-heeled shoes even thought the officer gave her a large blanket to cover herself before they left the cafe.

Another strike of bad luck might has happened during the ride since the blanket can be seen, completely destroyed in multiples pieces on the backseat of the car. Outside, nearby the entrance of the police station, a true television reporter was wondering what to do today on the street. The television reporter was surrounded by his own camera crew. As the police officer got out Jenny from the patrol car, the reporter noticed the event, and instantly reacted to it. The reportage begun, and the camera started rolling, the reporter came closer to Jenny, and pointed out his microphone to her, asking her questions on why she been arrested naked.

At some point, the police officer pushed the reporter, and his crew away, the officer then entered inside the police station, still carrying Jenny. Later, inside the station, a huge group of police men, and police women largely surrounded Jenny that was sat inside a typical guest chair, inside the many cops around her.

Jenny who was not comfortably sat on the chair was no longer wearing her panties, she now only has her high-heeled shoes. About thirty cops were looking at Jenny, laughing, and talking together, in the end, they were simply standing there while surrounding her without really moving. Jenny was completely pissed off by the situation, and by how the different cops were handling what happened.

‘’Now that I respectfully took the time to explain to you everything that happened to me today… Can I please be allowed to leave? I swear that something like that won’t happen again, never…’’

And they all answered her by loudly laughing, but after I few laughs, the police officer who arrested Jenny, Officer Benoit finally found a way to stop laughing, and to speak to her. ‘’Yeah, no problem Jenny… But I think we gonna have to keep this evidence here at the station, you never know right?’’

While speaking to Jenny, the police officer showed her the panties that she was wearing earlier. The police officer seemed extremely happy to be holding Jenny’s panties inside his hands, and to directly showed her that he was having them into his possession. Right after having been set-up free from the police station, Jenny was now outside, walking on the street in solitary.

Walking with the good help of her high-heeled shoes, which was still the only things on her body. Jenny appeared to be really angry, deeply mad at all the cops that joked with her. This somehow accidental angry surface of her was provoking loud noises when she was stepping on the ground with her high-heeled shoes. As she was walking on the street during this sunny day, Jenny started to talk to herself.

‘’Funny cops… Joking with me this way… I’m so much their joke that they really kept my panties…’’

Every single ones of theses elements increased the precious attention that a lot of people in the neighborhood was giving to Jenny. Naturally surprised to see a beautiful woman, entirely naked, walking on the street. A very short amount of minutes later, Jenny finally arrived to a particular house in the heart of the neighborhood. She brutally opened the front main door of the house, and directly entered inside, but still remained near the entrance. Inside her own personal house, Jenny was terribly surprised as she discovered a whole bunch of people waiting for her, now awkwardly starring at her.

It was Jenny’s family, they was all waiting for to come back from the day of work, most them was sat in the living room, and in the dinning room. Even the person Jenny previously spoke to on the phone is here, her Mother. As Jenny first entered inside her house, when her family knew she was finally back, but a little before they saw, and discovered her naked. They all happily screamed something, three words at her.

‘’Happy birthday Jenny!’’

Then, each one of the folks inside the house, particularly Jenny, was awkwardly freezed forever. Jenny ultimately thought about a phrase filled of truth in her mind.

‘’And this is how I recalled about today being my birthday…’’

As the pure icing on the cake, the television in the living room just begun to broadcast the footage when Jenny been filmed by the reporter, and the camera crew during her arrest. Near the very end of the day, following this colorful, and glamorous disaster. Jenny was resting herself a little, now much more relaxed lying down on her bed inside her bedroom.

Jenny was surprisingly wearing clothes again, she simply had putted on a nice, old t-shirt, and a cute panties. Jenny was on the phone, speaking with somebody, it was her good friend, Martin. He was horribly worried for Jenny, heavily stressed out.

‘’So how everything ended? Are you okay right now? How is it with you’re family?’’

Jenny responded to Martin, tired, ashamed, and visibly sad about how everything turned out.

‘’It’s fine, really… It’s just so awkward… Like…Intensely awkward…’’

Suddenly, some out of nowhere sounds strangely came from Jenny’s cell phone. Jenny moved her phone, and took a look at the screen.

‘’Hold on Martin, got another call, be right back.’’

Jenny clicked on a button on the touch screen of her phone, she answered the new call.

‘’Hello, Jenny here.’’

Then, the voice of a very severe man quickly took control of the call, a highly serious man that was currently letting some weaknesses got through his voice, some sorry weaknesses. That was the television business man on the phone, on the other side of the call.

‘’Yes Jenny, this is the head of the Wind channel here again… We saw you on the TV today after our meeting… And we finally noticed that we in fact still have a post left for you at the channel… We have a important, major offer for you… Would you be interested in a second meeting?’’

The End.