About This Comic Book:

'Kitty No H: Kitty Resurgence' is the first chapter in the 'Kitty No H' comic series. A Hentai title adjacent to the main ecchi web comic series known as 'Kitty No Hibi'.

Aren't you confused yet? We thought so.

Basically, to explain it simpler, 'Kitty No H: Kitty Resurgence' is a Hentai spin-off to the main 'Kitty No Hibi' web comic series. The first official and canon spin-off for it.

The story and the script for it were both written by Camille Juteau. It was based on the original concept and characters created by Jorge De La Rosa with him as the artist for the book.

The story follows Kitty Sakuramoto as she was just interrupted during her martial art training. She later wakes up in a cell where she will quickly be ''entertained'' by a bunch of robotic tentacles.


What's Included:

'Kitty No H: Kitty Resurgence' is a short seven pages long digital comic book. The interior is in black and white with a coloured front cover page. As previously explained on this page, this title is very much NSFW.

In order to read it, you simply have to be a supporter on the Patreon page of the artist of this book himself, Jorge De La Rosa. Please scroll down to do so.

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