Meaningful Leak

A Hentai Short Story By:

Camille Juteau

A Hentai Short Story By:

Camille Juteau



The year was 1995.

The place was yours.

I was standing outside in the hallway of the apartment building. I was waiting for you to open the door. We just had a chat on the phone around an hour ago. You promised me a scoop. Something that would help my career immensely.

As I quickly grew tired of waiting for you to come I was starting to imagine you walking toward the door. Probably a phantasm I was cultivating while looking around this smelly corridor…

Ha, come on! We had a meeting! Not even a meeting in the park, or in a cafe. I was supposed to meet you at your home. I was there, waiting for you… I became very impatient and I knocked again at your door.

Before I was even able to finish knocking properly a second time at your front door you finally decided to answer me. There you were!  Up until that point, I had only heard your voice on the phone, never saw you face to face. Never saw a picture of you before, but there you were… A young-looking boy, probably a young man in your early twenties. You had short brown hair. A pale skin tone. You were wearing a Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt.

All this was a facade to me. A surface that I frankly didn’t care for… You were nothing else than a precious and potential source of information for me.

You seemed pretty timid. After a beat of awkwardness, I was the first one to start the talk.

‘’Hi, I’m the reporter you were supposed to meet…’’

I quickly looked at the watch on my wrist while switching my eyes off of you for a moment…

‘‘… Ten minutes ago… Anyway! Becky Farrah. Nice to meet you.’’

I reached you with my right hand. I offered you to shake it and you did in a nervous motion.

‘‘Thanks for coming Miss. Farrah. Call me Jeff. Please come on in.’’

Minutes later in your small apartment, we started a real conversation. Real talk, between true reporter and a hopefully valid source. While attempting to dig useful information from you I looked around your place with my constantly analyzing eyes. Eyes that were considerably upgraded with my thick glasses.

I could see among many things, a bunch of drawing pencils, lots of cups of ink and a ton of paper sheets. All of these elements suggesting you were some kind of artist, perhaps a comic book illustrator. Before switching my attention back to you, I also noticed a video game console beneath your television, the Sega Genesis. From my reporter experience in new technology, the Genesis was the most powerful console ever made. A bunch of CD-Roms were also displayed all over the place on the floor.

‘‘So, you said you could tell me a couple things I don’t know about  the prostitution market in town, right?’’

‘‘That’s right.’’

‘‘Well, care to tell me? I came here especially for that…’’

You tilted your head on the side and changed your expression a bit.

‘‘Yes, of course, I will tell you. I will tell you everything, but, not everything right now… Only some of it…’’

I deliberately interrupted you.

‘’You will only tell me some of what exactly? How can I know you will not be spitting bullshit out of your mouth?’’

‘’Because I won’t lie to you… I know more than you think about you, Miss. Farrah…’’

And I interrupted you again… No shame at all.

’’Becky. Becky please.’’

‘’Alright, Becky… I followed your career for some time now. I know for a fact that telling you lies will simply get me in big trouble…’’

‘’Oh… You did?’’

‘’Yes… Look! Here’s what I know! The girls and women working on the street as prostitutes right now aren’t doing it for the reason the police department and  you think. They are not doing it because of a certain of need of money like they do usually. Hell, they are not even doing it because they are not forced by their pimps… Believe it, or not, they are doing it due to a new religion secretly growing here in the dark streets of Chicago. A new cult with mysterious ambitions.’’

I stared at you for a very long time after you were doing talking., explaining what you had to say.

‘’… What a bunch of B.S.!! How do you actually want me to believe that? I’m leaving right now!’’

On my way out of your disgusting apartment, you stood up and whispered something from the corner of your tiny living room.

‘‘… I know it because my own mother recently joined them…’’

I heard you loud and clear despite you whispering to me. It was enough to stop me from leaving your apartment. I slowly turned around and looked at you once more.


You nodded while listening to me in my confused state.

‘’She told me everything… My mom told me everything… She actually explained to me why she chose on her own to become a prostitute.’’

I stopped holding the doorknob of your front door and went back in the living room with you.

‘‘Tell me more.’’

‘‘I know much more than that, but, I won’t tell you more till we arrange some sort of deal between us.’’

‘‘What do you want from me? How much cash?’’

You sat down in front of me on the couch. You softly breathe before saying more.

‘’In a world… In a city with so many prostitutes like this… In a life like mine where I never, ever had sex… I want my first time to be with someone that is worth it.’’

I closed my eyes. I was thinking for some time as you were done talking…

‘’If you’re not asking for any money from me, I have no problem giving you what you want. Come to my place tomorrow night. 9 o’clock sharp.  But you better tell me the truth. And you better tell me something that is worth it.’’

A smile decorated your face.


I then left your apartment while showing no emotion, or expression on my face. Once I closed down the door of your place behind me and that I was once again alone in the hallway of the building, I smiled.

I smiled alone.


Approximately twenty hours  after our first meeting…

This time, I was in my own apartment, waiting for you…

The doorbell rang as I was anxious to meet you again. I opened the door to my place and let you in. You happily smiled to me while I more or less welcomed you with a stressed out expression. Hoped you didn’t noticed that from me… I was of course more than willing to have sex with you for the information you had, but… I hadn’t done anything with anyone for a very long time now…

Almost completely off topic, I showed you around as I took your coat from your hands and placed it on top of the back of the couch. I showed you the living room, then the dining room and finally indicated you where the bathroom was.

When we felt pretty much done chatting and doing all the formal, friendly talking, we both went at the entrance of the corridor of the middle of my apartment… We awkwardly looked at each other while not accomplishing much. Still, we both knew what was going on, we both knew we were thinking the same thing. I  slowly opened my mouth and let my tongue guide my way.

‘’So, there it is… How do we do it now?’’

‘‘I don’t really know…‘’

‘’What do you mean, you don’t really know? How does this works? You give me the info before, or after we do it?’’

A beat interrupted our discussion as your hands moved your hair back.

‘’I don’t really mind, you know?’’

I looked at you in  a way that I could see your spirit and read your mind.

Your mind read: ‘Now, please, now. Now. Please…’

I moved closer to you in the corridor and placed my right arm around your neck.

‘’You seriously want to do it right away, don’t you? I mean, you’re hoping to do it right now. Right?’’

‘’Is that so obvious?’’

At this exact moment, it seemed as if you just panicked. I slowly removed my arm from around your neck and grabbed your hand. I brought you with me, I moved you around in my place. I made you sit in the middle of my couch while I stood right in front of you. My big, well-rounded butt was bouncing inches away from my small living room table.

Without asking you anything, I knew what would make feel good. In my head, I had already decided to undress myself for you. I would start the night with a strip-tease. Last time I had done such a thing for a man was a very long time ago… And it was pretty much a huge disaster to say the least…

I began with playing with the belt at the center of my traditional yellow coat. I was softly rubbing with the tips of my fingers until your eyes couldn’t move away from this repeated action.

Quickly, I saw your vision switching from my fingers playing with my belt to the belt itself as it occasionally touched my big breasts. The very tip of the belt at times accidentally touching my boobs while I was playing with it. You were calmly sitting there on the couch, simply observing me.

I then started opening the cleavage part of my coat. As I was opening my coat I also unattached my belt. In a matter of seconds, my coat was entirely opened up and this piece of clothe was slowly sliding off my body…

It was sliding down my shoulders and then my arms. As the coat was being removed from my body, my huge tits became more and more obvious. Despite me having very large breasts and being fine with that, it was a constant thing with me in my everyday life to do my best to hide them… My yellow coat was my best friend to help me in that goal.

Finally, my coat slide off my arms and fell down on the floor at my feet. Similar to my pants, I was wearing a black top. A tight black shirt that was covering me from shoulders to the end of my belly. My black top was completely revealed to you as I lost my yellow coat. The shape of my big breasts was also entirely revealed at the same time.

My coat falling off from my body caused my huge boobs to bounce around a lot in the air. As they were bouncing in the air, I sensually spun around. I showed my big butt to you while slowly spinning. I then grabbed the bottom part of my black shirt and starting lifting it.

My back was facing you when I removed my top. It didn’t take long for me to start pulling down my black pants after dropping my shirt on the table in front of me. My large butt was practically naked, only being covered with my tiny panties when I was done removing my pants. Up until that point, I was convinced you would grab this opportunity to spank my ass, or something like that… But you didn’t. I wondered why as I was now standing in front of you… Only wearing my bra, my panties, my black high-heels shoes and my rounded glasses.

I spun around again. I was done facing you with my back. I pulled up one of my legs. I lifted my foot in the air and landed it just beside you on the couch. This is when I removed my foot from inside of my shoe. Letting the high-heel shoe inhabited beside you. Soon after, I did the very same for my other shoe. A similar action that resulted in you now sitting between both of my high-heels shoes.

In a flash, as you were still observing my shoes on each sides of you, I was already done pulling down my panties. I dropped them on the floor and danced in front of you.

I then sat down on top of the table behind me. I widely opened both of my legs, revealing my naked vagina to you. The look on your face was priceless. It seemed as if you had never saw something as feminine so close. Your expression alone felt rewarding to me for some unknown reason.

Finally, I softly moved my arms behind my back was my legs kept opening, letting you see more and more of my pussy.




Three of the four Velcro strips of my bra were opened. Only one more to go and…


Done! My bra fell down between my legs, hiding my vagina for an instant. As my bra fell down from my chest, my pair of big boobs fell down as well.


Your jaw dropped down as they fell down. My thick nipples felt as if they were staring right at you.

There they were!!

My 38 J cup breasts.

You then slowly raised your hands up in the air. Seemed as if you were about to touch them with the cores of your palms.

This was when I pressed against them on their sides, softly pushing my big boobs on one another. I did in a way they would look a lot bigger. Much more massive. My long nipples were now directly staring at you in your eyes.

As your hands kept raising up and up in the air, getting closer to my tits, I went down on you. I slid down till I reached your crotch. You were shocked. You let your hands go down again and stared at me, your face filled with wonders.

‘’Let me take the offense!’’

I unzipped the zipper of your pants and started rubbing the surface of your boxer shorts. I could easily feel your glans, rapidly growing in size and twitching inside of your underwear. It only took a few seconds for me to grab your wonderfully erected big dick. I took it out of your boxer shorts and saw your cock revealed to me as I was guiding it outside.  

I was so surprised, your dick was so huge. It didn’t even looked like it was finished growing through the erection phase. It looked as if you were still in the middle of your erecting. My right hand slowly and softly moved across your shaft. My palm rubbed your cock from your testicles to very near your glans.  

I masturbated your big dick for around a minute before I couldn’t resist taking things a little more personal… Even though I had always found blowjobs disgusting before, deep down, I really wanted to taste you. I wanted to honestly taste you… At that very moment, I was dreaming of pleasuring you with my mouth.

’’I’m going there…’’

I then opened up my mouth and stuck my tongue out of it. I moved the tip of my tongue very close to the tip of your glans. I was about to start sucking you when accidentally, a couple drops of my own saliva fell down on top of you. On top of your dick. As a result of personally finding myself silly in accidentally spitting on you, I dove right in it. I moved my head down on you and inserted your now, huge, thick glans inside my mouth.      

I pushed your cock deeper and deeper inside my mouth. Your dick was so wet it only took about half a second for my lips to reach really far. My upper lip was softly rubbing against your skin while the lower one was dripping in your wet pre-cum. You then grabbed my head with your delicate hands. You guided the peaceful actions of my mouth while holding my head. I also placed my own hands on your legs. I rubbed your thighs and moved my hands until I reached your balls while I was sucking you. At this point, I was blow-jobbing your cock faster and faster. It became impressive and pretty surprising to myself that I was now sucking you this fast…

Still accidentally, well, more, or less accidentally… Saliva was greatly dripping off my mouth as I was pleasuring you. My saliva was sliding down your cock and I even saw it reach your balls. I could feel your pre-cum being shot out of the tip of your glans as I was sucking you, now extremely fast. In fact, my saliva and your pre-cum seemed to be slowly mixing up together. The interior of my mouth serving as some sort of hot bowling bowl that was currently cooking both of our fluids together.

I completely lost notion of time as I was offering you the biggest and sexiest blowjob I had ever done in my life. I would personally say that I had been sucking your fat cock for at least ten, to fifteen minutes at that point.

I removed your big dick from inside my mouth as you stopped holding my head with your hands. Not that I was now freed, but, I felt as if it was time for to take my breath a little. An avalanche of my own saliva escaped my mouth as I pulled your cock out of it. While a huge river of thick saliva was connecting my lips to your glans, my right hand was masturbating you again. My left hand was even softly rubbing your sweet testicles during the masturbation.

I started stoking your dick very fast. I was such in a heated mood that I felt as if nothing could stop me. The sweat, the saliva, your pre-cum… Everything. Everything was on my side to help me masturbate you faster and better.

Suddenly, more pre-cum flowed out of the tip of your glans.


It was not pre-cum.

It was real sperm.  

I stroked you so fast that you were now ejaculating!  Shooting thick sperm out of your big cock. You declared to me as the first good shot came out.


Very quickly, tons of your precious cum-shots covered my glasses and then my face. Mainly my mouth and my chin.    

As your semen was slowly sliding down my face, I already knew what was in store for us next. Our time fucking together in the living room was done…


As typical of you, as the timid boy you were, you resisted to me in the hallway of my own apartment. It was as if you were already so amazed we had sex in the first place that your mind blocked all possibilities of  going further with it. Halfway through the hallway, you realized it was not over. Not yet.

‘‘Come on… Let’s go to my room…’’ I whispered in your right ear. 

I heard you loudly swallowed your saliva before I forced you in my bedroom. Without being my original intention, I was totally the dominant one in our erotic relationship.

I sat down on the edge of my bed. Opened up both my legs to you as you were standing in the middle of the room, looking at me.

‘‘You go down. Now.’’

And you did. You knelt down on the floor, on top of the carpet near my bed. You were a toy for me as you slowly got closer to my pussy. You knew what I wanted, what I expected from you.

Before I knew it myself, the tip of your tongue reached my clitoris. It felt so wet. I could feel tons of your saliva dripping down onto my vagina. As if, it was your first time tasting a woman in a very long time and that you couldn’t wait any longer for it.

You were thirsty for a girl. You were thirsty for me.  

You started with my clit and quickly moved to the rest of the exterior of my vagina. You placed both of your hands on top of my legs as you were eating me. I was so turned on my back failed me and my body decided to fall down on the surface of my bed. I was slowly crawling against the mattress as you licking the Hell out of my pussy.

Occasionally, you were fingering me as well, using your surprisingly delicate fingers on me. Inside of me. In about less than five minutes, I could sense myself becoming obsessed to you as if I was dusty getting taken by a vacuum. Simply unable to stop it no matter what.

It didn’t took you long to insert the tip of your tongue inside me as well. You had licked the exterior of my pussy until it was totally covered in your saliva. Your tongue inside me felt so good my throat desperately wanted to express it.  To express it to you…

’’God, yes… Yes… It feels so good, please keep going…’’

You then pushed me deeper on the bed. The palms of your hands all over my knees, preventing me from escaping.

It would had never been my intention anyway, but I think you already knew that pretty well. One of your hands moved to the space between my legs, joining your talented tongue. Not that your hand was getting inside me, something that I was surprised by. No… Your hand went on top of my pussy again. Most of your fingers slid on top of my clit. You were doing it… You were licking the interior of my vagina while softly squeezing my clit with your fingers. You… Mean, bad boy…

‘’Hey… That’s not fair…’’

You then stopped licking me for a brief moment.

‘‘What do you mean?’’

‘‘Playing with my clit while licking me inside…’’

‘‘Huh… What’s not fair in that?’’

A beat. I thought to myself, I tried to find a good answer to that.

‘It’s obvious, you are trying to make me cum super fast so you get rid of me in the process.’’

You stood up a little, probably to get a better view of my face during our little talk.

‘‘What are you even talking about??? I was the one that came up with the deal. I want to have sex with you! I’m not ready to finish this yet…’’

Suddenly, your face turned red for some reason. You were blushing. Inside, you were still the same timid boy. But, you were changing. You evolved. You now felt more comfortable to stand up for what you believed in.As you seemed surprised what you just yelled at me, you quickly moved down. You hid yourself between my legs. Your face was no longer visible to me. Only the top of your hair.

As I was still laughing a little by how you just behaved, I forgot how much you were making me feel good seconds ago… Your tongue slid back inside my pussy and you were back. You were back licking the Hell out of me.

You were now eating a lot faster than before. With a ton more velocity and strength. At times, your tongue could come out of inside me to a lick, or two of my clit, making me go crazy in the process. When you felt you were done licking the interior of my vagina, you got out for a longer time. Your attention was now entirely focused on my clitoris. You circled around it a lot before swallowing it with your lips. You were kissing it… Licking it… You were eating it as much possible…

I was so wet. Suddenly, I felt myself as if I was about to cum. No. That was not just a random feeling, nor a fantasy. I was about to cum. You were about to make me cum.

I grabbed your hair as I was getting closer and closer.


There it was! I was cumming! Last time I had came was last year I think, pretty sure about that… I was cumming so hard as you were still eating me. Licking the Hell of my clit. Hugging it with your tongue.

In a frenzy of pure awesome pleasure, I suddenly heard you say my name.


‘‘What? What’s wrong??’’

‘‘I didn’t know you could squirt…’’

‘’Squirt??’’ I replied.

I stood up a little on the bed, took a better look at you between my legs.

‘’What do you mean, squirt? Last time I squirted was when I was still a teenager!’’

I was denying it, but there it was! My head was up, I was looking at my own vagina. Despite still being in the middle of my orgasm at that very moment, I couldn’t feel myself squirting… Well… Until I saw it for some reason. When I visually noticed and realized that I was actually shooting female cum out of my pussy, this whole feeling changed. My orgasm changed.

It now felt better. I mean, it was already feeling fucking great, but now it was tons of times better. Squirting felt so damn good.

I  was squirting right in your face. And I was seeing it all. Watching myself cum on you without being able to do anything about it. Seriously. It took a least a whole minute for it to stop.

When it was over. When I was doing squirting in your face, you stared at my pussy for a very long time. Wow. I came so hard. Thank you so much… I haven’t felt like this in a very long time. You were actually the first to speak after I was done cumming.

‘‘So, how was it?’’

I pulled up my legs. Removed them from around you. I changed my position on the bed. I lied down in a more comfortable way before I responded to you.  

‘‘It was pretty good.’’

I smiled at you. I surprised myself in starting to blush a little.

‘’I have to be honest with you… I actually never thought you would be able to make me cum when we arranged this whole deal… So, I’m pretty happy, surprised and… Satisfied. Haha!’’‘Good! Me too…’’

‘’Are you sure??’’

‘‘Yeah… Wow, I still can’t believe you squirted…’’

‘‘Why? Is it bad that I did?’’

‘‘NO! NOT AT ALL!! That’s awesome, don’t worry.’’

You moved from down on the floor to on the bed. You joined me with the many blankets that I had on my bed.



‘‘I have a question…’’

‘’What is it’’

‘‘Well… Is our deal over now?’’

‘‘What do you mean??’’

‘‘Well… Can I still have sex with you?’’

I moved on the bed, got closer to you. My big boobs bounced around in the air as I did.

‘‘Wait, hold on… You still want to have sex? I mean, you still want to have sex with me right now?’’

‘’… Yes…’’

‘‘Are you still able to have sex right now??’’

‘‘… I don’t know…’’

‘‘Why are you even thinking about it, then?’’

Suddenly, I slowly moved my head down and took a new look at your dick. I could not actually believe it. Out of nowhere. You were hard again. Like super hard.

You were erect again. During your erection, your cock seemed to be growing, again and again.

I looked at your huge-ass glans for a while…

‘‘…I’m asking and I’m thinking about it because I’m hard again…’’

‘‘Yeah, I kind of just saw that.’’

You moved closer to me on the bed. You looked nervous. You intentionally rubbed the tip of your glans against one of my big nipples.

‘’… Beside… We never actually had sex… I want to fuck you for real. I want to be inside of you.’’

Without waiting too much for me, or letting me consider things, you brutally started rubbing your cock all over my leg. You were dangerously targeting my pussy, getting closer to it.

‘‘Okay, alright then… But I don’t want the skin of your dick to touch me inside… Understood? You’ll have to wear a condom.’’

‘’Sure, no problem.’’

‘’Did you brought one with you?’’

‘‘Nope… Never bought one in my entire life…’’

You kept rubbing your dick on my leg as you just said this. Seconds later, you were now rubbing your cock on the exterior of my pussy. This was getting way too dangerous for me.

I got up for a moment and took a look at the inside of my handbag. It took me a few minutes, but I finally found one. A very old condom I kept just in case for this type of situation.

‘’I’ve one one!’’

You seemed disappointed. Anyway… I got back on the bed with you and dove between your legs as you lied down. Your head on top of my comfy pillows. I then softly placed the condom inside my mouth. I spoke to me while holding it using my teeth.

‘’Let me drive you through it…’’

I used your cock just like a banana like we used to do during condom-training. I installed the condom on your dick. From the tip of your glans to the very end of it. It felt as if you simply kept getting bigger and bigger as I was installing the condom on your dick.

‘‘There you go!’’

You were staring at my huge tits as I stood up from between your legs. I rose from the surface of the bed and towered over you. I got on top of you. On top of your big, fat cock.

From now on, I was riding you. Cow-girl style.

‘‘Is this the position you want to do?’’

‘‘Hell yeah.’’ I replied. 

I grabbed my own large boobs while you were staring at them. My thick nipples looking at you. I was showing my tits to you. Offering them to you as your fat dick was softly rubbing on my clit.

‘‘What are you waiting for?’’ I said.

You looked at me as if you were tempted, but not entirely convinced in going further with all this. One moment, you were looking at me in the eyes. The other, you were staring at your glans, softly hitting my clitoris. I gathered that you greatly desired to go in, but sadly didn’t had the balls to do it. I then kept talking to you.

‘‘Go inside!’’

You looked up again.

‘‘I know…’’

You grabbed the base of your cock, you slowly started to push against the entrance of my vagina.

It was a good start, a pretty nice attempt, but sadly, nothing that was close to be enough… My left hand joined yours. Our now slimy and sweaty fingers touched each others. We shared your dick for a short moment. Quickly, I got the major hold of it. I grabbed it and strongly pushed it against my pussy myself. I entered your fat glans inside me. I brought  your big cock inside my vagina all by myself.

Yes, I helped you. But, that was not that point. From from it. Because… We were now fucking together. I was on top of you. Riding your honestly impressive cock. Despite the fact that you were officially penetrating my vagina, I no matter what kept a good hold on your thing. I kept my left hand on the base of your dick, holding it in place as you were slowly making your way inside me. You spoke to me while grabbing my hips with your hands.

‘‘Oh gosh, that feels so good, finally…’’

‘’Finally, what?’’ I replied to you.    

You used more strength to keep a good hold on me and my hips.

‘’I am finally fucking you!’’

Really soon, I didn’t need to keep your cock in place, nor I needed to help you penetrate me. You were so hard. You were now so deep inside me. I grabbed the top of your shoulders as you started pumping very hard into me. You were fucking me like a beast. It was as if you were no longer the same person than before. At some point, you drilled me so hard that I could feel your balls occasionally swinging and rubbing against my butt.

Accidentally on my part, I had my slutty tongue sticking outside of my mouth. I spoke to you, but I barely could. It was so complicated for me. I rather whispered to you as you fucked the Hell out of me.

‘’… I don’t understand… Were you planning a way to get in a situation, so you could fuck me?…’’

On the surface, it seemed as if you didn’t cared at all about what I was saying. You grabbed my big boobs in the palms of your hands after being holding my hips. You massaged my nipples and my areolas as you kept pumping your huge cock inside my pussy. Soon after, you moved your head very close to my nipples and started sucking one of them, the left one.

You kissed, licked and sucked on my nipple for roughly two minutes straight… At least… At some point, It felt like I was loosing sense of time.

When you were done with my nipple, you moved away from it as a bridge of your own saliva was connecting your mouth with it. You then finally gave some kind of answer regarding my question.

‘‘Look at me, Becky… I am the typical timid boy. I don’t plan stuff like this.’’

‘’I see… If you are the timid boy… What is the type of person I am?’’ I replied to him as I was blushing more and more.’’

Without answering me right away, you moved me around on the bed. You stood up on your knees and safely pushed me in a new position. You sat me in the middle of my own bed on top of my knees. I was now on four. I looked behind myself as you lifted my butt really high in the air. As I took a sneak peek at you, standing behind me, this now has became pretty clear to me. You placed me and got me ready for some doggy style activity…      

From there, in less than a single minute left for me to actually think about it, your fat glans was already aggressively rubbing the exterior of my pussy. Then… You entered inside of it. You started fucking me again. Fucking my vagina.

I quickly started moaning again as you destroying my pussy. As you were fucking me doggy style while holding my large ass with your hands, you ultimately answered my question again.

‘’Don’t play fool with me. Your type as a person is timid as well. I’m a timid boy, you’re a timid girl.  We’re both nerdy. And that’s part of why I’m fucking you right now!’’

Okay, that was it… I was done being dominated by you. I was the one sexually dominating you a moment ago… I smiled as I listened you and your answer. I then laughed a little as you kept rampaging my pussy. You fucked me so hard and that felt so damn good. I moan even louder than ever before as I was about to keep this discussion going…

‘‘Hold… The… Fuck… Up… I might be a bit… Nerdy… But I am not a dork. I’m only fucking you because you got lots of sweet info for me. I’m the one in charge here.’’

You then replied to me by fucking me harder and harder. Drilling my vagina doggy style while pressing more and more on my fatty butt. You went so far inside me with your cock that I almost thought my body was about to split in two. At this point, I was deliberately using my own big tits as huge and comfortable pillows for my face and the rest of my body. Those organic pillows made me a lot more comfortable as you were destroying me while deeply pleasuring me.

After a good fifteen minutes of this position, an idea grew in my mind as it seemed like you were never gonna cum anytime soon.

‘‘Pulled out of there!! There is something I want to try with you!!!’’

It only took a few seconds for us to change our positions on top of the bed. I was now lying down on my back. Both of my legs widely opened. You were standing on your knees in front of me. I wanted to do missionary style with you so bad. I looked at you while blushing. I grabbed my huge breasts while pointing my nipples in the direction of your eyes. I was waiting for you to come back inside me… And you did! In a flash, you were back inside. You charged right back inside my pussy.

We were now fucking together again.

As you started fucking me again, I saw something on your face. Now that I could see your face while having sex with you again. The expression on your face was let’s say… Very interesting to me… Just like I was for some time during our sexual relationship, you were blushing as well. You were blushing a lot while fucking the Hell out of my pussy. 

While fucking me, you softly pushed your face against my big boobs.

‘‘Thank you, Becky, thanks for having sex with me…’’

I was so surprised that you were saying this to me… I mean, I was having sex with you because I wanted to get info from you… But, still, I somehow felt amazing and appreciated you were behaving so kindly with me.  You then generously kissed the side of one of my tits.I petted your hair while you were still penetrating me missionary style. I also spoke to you. Whispered right in your ear.

‘’… I’m not gonna lie to you… I want your info… But… To be honest with you… I also want to fuck you really bad…’’

Following a sweet, calm and slow time during our sexual activity, we would soon be back to something a tiny bit more hardcore.

After you heard me whisper to you, you raised your head in the air and looked up at me. Your resting period where you were lying your head against my boobs seemed over.

You stood up and suddenly moved a lot deeper than ever before inside my vagina. You fucked me so intensely. Like you never did before. That all felt like a powerful train accelerating. Never stopping, nor slowing down… Your balls were both almost hurting me when they constantly hit my large butt as you pumped into me.

Nobody had ever fucked me like this before. This felt so great. The interior and the exterior of my pussy were so wet. The palms of your hands seemed to be crushing my bed, destroying it as you were fucking me as hardcore as you could possibly fuck me. I accidentally spitted all over my own chin as you were making me feel so damn good…

You yelled as I was about to reach my orgasm.


I then grabbed your body. Placed both of my hands all over your back and yelled as well.

‘‘ME TOO! ME TOO!!’’

Right there, we were both moaning like dirty, horny animals. I reached my orgasm again and came really hard while still getting penetrated by you. Somehow, I could also feel you cumming inside me. This was pretty crazy to think, but I was convinced we both came at the very same time. Or rather, incredibly close to it.

We kept moaning extremely loud (without this becoming annoying at all by the way…) as we both had reached our second orgasms of the day. I was done feeling my own orgasm by now, but I could still easily feel  you shooting tons of sperm. Your cock was still inside my pussy. We kept moaning a lot as I was holding you in my arms.

‘‘Gee! I can feel so much of your semen cumming out… I bet you filled up the condom  I gave you…’’


You seemed done at that point. You were finished shooting your sperm. You pulled out of inside me. You removed your cock from inside my pussy.

We could now see everything inside the transparent condom. Tons of sperm filled it up. I was definitely not about to tell you that, but that was really fucking impressive… I had never seen so much cum in my entire life… The most impressive thing about it was that you were still rock-hard… You still had a constant erection.

I delicately grabbed the very tip of the condom and awkwardly smiled as I was staring at your precious solid-white sperm inside.

‘‘Wow… Good thing I got you this condom!’’ I then laughed a little after making this obvious statement.

‘‘Sorry, Becky…’’

While hearing your cute, but unnecessary apology, I slowly pulled the condom off your still rock-hard dick. A little bit of your cum slid out of it as I did. I was careful in not spilling too much of it in my bed. I then threw the condom away. Placed it on top of my beside table. Finally, I smiled at you as I was trying to clean my hands from your sperm.

‘‘Don’t worry about it! It’s a tiny bit messy, but I don’t mind! Well, look at that!! Seems like you’re still hard, my friend!!’’

You then grabbed your own cock, almost in panic for some reason… Seemed like you were trying to hide your surviving erection from me… You stared at your own dick while talking to me…

‘’… I have no idea why… Feels like I can’t get soft again… I really don’t know why… I guess our deal is done now… You deserve the info I promised you after all…’’

As when you were done speaking, you raised your head and looked at me again.

A big, big surprise was waiting for you!

I was sitting closer to you on the bed. My long legs were widely expended. The tip of my toes were moving in the direction of your super erected cock. I soon reached your hard glans with my feet.

A footjob was now taking place in the room.

I was rubbing your thick dick with my toes and the rest of my feet. Masturbating your beautiful cock with them. I was no longer blushing. I was fully in control of the situation. Prepared and devoted to pleasure you.

’’Forget the info for a sec! The only thing I am currently interested in is making you cum for good! I like you hard, but I want to see you soft and satisfied!!’’

And I kept rubbing my feet all over your cock.

There was already a ton of pre-cum flowing out of the tip of your glans. It was probably wrong. It probably only was the rest of your sperm from your previous ejaculation, but I was getting so into it that I first thought it was pre-cum… The expression on your face had changed again, you looked like you were really enjoying it. More than during the other times. You hyper-ventilated while talking really loud.

‘‘… Perhaps my dick will get soft again if I tell you the info you made this whole deal for… Before leaving… My Mom told me she accepted to become a prostitute and to enter this new mysterious cult, because…’’

‘‘Because.’’ I replied to you.

‘’… Because whoever lured her into this thing, promised her… Eternal life… Then… She vanished… Like the rest of the new prostitutes! I know, much, much more than that!! But, I’m having trouble talking about it right now… I’m having a lot of trouble talking about it because of what you are doing to me with your feet right now!!’’

Wow… I couldn’t actually believe it… That was WAY too fucked up to be true…

After you were done talking for the moment, I kept rubbing my toes and the rest of my feet on your cock.

You pushed loud moaning out of your mouth and before I knew it, you were cumming! You were starting to ejaculate again! Tons of sperm violently flowed out of your cock!

An intense white fog covered my vision as your thick semen hit my glasses. For a while, I couldn’t see anything. But, then, through a petite hole at the center of the lake of sperm on my glasses…

I could see that I was completely covered in your cum.

From head to toe.

The End.