Ne®v Er Let Go

A Hentai Short Story By:

Camille Juteau

A Doujinshi Hentai Short Story

Based On The Characters Appearing in ‘‘NEON GENESIS EVANGELION’‘

Created By Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

By Camille Juteau

Shifted to turbo.

Nobody ever told me becoming a regular military technician could be so
much work… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming anyone for that. It’s just… I
never thought it would be so hard.

Giant and artificially violent machines were resting at large in the bay in
the hangar of the facility. I spun around, my tablet in hands. My footsteps making
clear repetitive noises on the cold ?oor in the control room I’ve worked in all day

Suddenly, my name was brie?y mentioned through the speakers of the
facility as I was in the middle of my work. I surprisingly had been told to come to
the main test room for unknown reasons. Something surprising to me as I have
been left alone to my work most of the day up until now.

All those hours of work ultimately pushed me toward a very tired state.
Getting up over and over again from my chair in the control room hurt my back
after a while…

My breasts unexpectedly grew bigger over the last few years… The health
of my back drastically changed as my tits got bigger and the bras I was wearing
got larger.

Minutes after I let go of my tablets and was in route for the main test room,
the facility speakers called my name again. Ibuki Maya is needed in test room number 0-44…

But I was already there. Well, I was getting there… Used my access card to
open the door and I arrived to the location where I was needed in the facility. My
boobs bounced around in the air as I rushed myself in the room.

Inside the test room, two different persons were there to welcome me. Waiting for me.

Akagi Ritsuko and Ikari Shinji.

Me, as always, being a tiny bit nervous in presence of an important person
like Ritsuko. Her being our ?nest scientist in the facility. And ?nally, the young
Shinji was one of the most precious EVA pilots we’ve ever had here at NERV.
Shinji was far from making me nervous compared to Ritsuko. To be honest,
I thought he was kind of cute… Anyway… He was curiously lying down on his
back on top of a medical bed. He had a gray blanket on his chest and his legs.
The second I entered the room, Ritsuko immediately turned her head around and stared at me. We exchanged a look. My nervousness won over me and
I cracked. I suddenly started to speak really fast, imprisoned by her piercing stare.

‘’Ibuki Maya– Here to serve you chief. ‘’

She looked at me little bit longer and looked away. She closed her eyes.
‘’Fuuhhh… Don’t behave so stiff technician Maya. We need you for a quick
job here…’’

‘’Alright Ma’am… Sure! How can I help?’’

Ritsuko opened up her eyes and took a look at Shinji. She walked toward
him and removed the blanket he had on top of him– Revealing that Shinji was
still wearing his EVA pilot suit, despite him being done piloting his EVA for the

At this exact moment, it had been at least four hours he got out of EVA

A weird, big hole was carved in the suit, just between his legs. Shinji’s penis
was visible, hanging out outside of the suit.

It seemed like his penis was in semi-erection from what I could tell, well…
At least from the view I had at the entrance of the room, a couple feet way from
his medical bed.

What am I even thinking right now? I’m seeing Shinji’s dick… I just saw
Shinji’s dick… Oh God, what’s going on here???

‘’W-Wha-What… What is this??’’

As soon as Ritsuko removed the blanket and unveiled Shinji’s cock—Shinji
himself soon started to smile. He smiled even more as his dick was tinkling and
bouncing around while he was slowly moving on the bed. He even waved at me.

‘’Hey, hi Miss. Ibuki!’’


Ritsuko charged at me at the entrance of the room. Circled her long arm
around my back and my shoulders. She smiled too and pacifically brought me
really close to Shinji’s bed. She swirled her lips closer to my left ear.

‘’As you already know Maya, Shinji’s one of our most valuable pilots. Useless
to say that we, and by we I mean all of us. We need to make sure our pilots have everything they need. We need to make sure they are fully satisfied. Especially after a routine training like Shinji just had today. Do you understand that?’’

We stopped just beside Shinji. My legs were really close to his constantly
rising and bouncing dick.

‘’Yes, ma’am. I mean, of course ma’am.’’

Ritsuko suddenly grabbed Shinji’s cock and started masturbating it with
her right hand.

‘’Good! Because what today Shinji’s asking is a generous foot-job!’’

A foot-job?

‘’A foo-Foot-job ma’am??’’

Shinji turned at me with kind, honest, begging eyes.

‘’If you mind technician Maya I would be okay with dropping that idea….
Yeah, maybe it was a bad idea…’’

Ritsuko violently stared at me.

‘’Don’t give up on your desires Shinji. If Maya’s not willing to satisfy you
that simply means she’s not interested for her position here at NERV. ‘’

Shinji seemed shocked.

‘’But I don’t want her to be fired because of me… I do not wish her to be fired

Ritsuko closed her eyes again. She crossed her arms together and shook her

‘’I made my point clear Shinji.’’

Suddenly, in what possibly seemed to be teleportation to them was actually
only a really swift move on my part—I quickly got on top of Shinji on the bed—
Widely opened up both of my legs and formed a circle around him with my
limbs. I had already removed my NERV military boots before going on the bed.
One of my two feet was still wrapped in a sock while I had already removed the
sock on the other one. My naked toes were softly rubbing on Shinji’s glans.

‘’That’s fine, I’ll do it.’’

Shinji smiled, he started to blush. His face was so red we could have easily
believed he was about to explode. Ritsuko smirked, she seemed thrilled I was
doing all this… Doing all this for the job, for work, for my career… All this was
something I had to do in order to keep my career. My remaining sock soon slid off my foot as a I was rubbing both of my feet all over Shinji’s legs. Now, my tennaked toes were all in contact with his private parts. From the very tip of his glans to the end of his balls, my toes were touching him. Shinji then softly spoke as this so called: ‘’foot-job’’ they were talking about was just starting. Both of my feet rubbing against his now extremely erected cock.

‘’Oh my God, this is awesome, this is the very first time I’m receiving a true
foot-job… It feels so good…’’

Ritsuko pulled her fat tits out of her uniform and bra. She moved her big
boobs really close to Shinji’s face. Offering them to him…

‘’You see Shinji. Now, you know I’m working here at NERV with main goal
to take good care of you, don’t you? This may only be the second time we are
having some real fun together but I already fulfilled your phantasm of doing it
with two girls at the same time.’’

Her nipples were now rubbing against his cheek. I kept watching them
while masturbating his dick. Very slowly and softly in hope not to attract too
much attention toward me… I simply wanted this to get done soon so I could go
back to my typical position at NERV and forget about all this…

‘’Y-Yes Ritsuko, thank… Thank you for everything… It’s just… I wanted h-…’’
‘’I know Shinji! You wanted her. You always wanted Ibuki, I noticed it a long
time ago…’’

What? Why me? Okay, I was shattered Shinji was ‘’interested’’ by me but…
He was much younger than me… I then rubbed my feet a lot faster against his
cock. My desire was to be over with this right now. All this was a nightmare to
me. Shinji kept discussing with Ritsuko, which someone made it even harder for
me to properly masturbate him.

‘’It’s not that I don’t like you Ritsuko, it’s just that I feel like I really need her.
Please help me… Please help me Ritsuko… Help me impregnate Maya with my
cum, this is what I want…’’

He then turned his face to the left and took a look at me.

‘’… I mean, I hope it’s okay with you that I call you by your first name…’’

I was immensely surprised and annoyed. Why was that young boy talking
about doing all those things? One of his phantasms was to impregnate me? What the Hell…

‘’S-Sure… Call me Maya if you want to… I guess…’’

‘’Good because I want to call you by your ?rst name as my semen flows out
in your womb.’’

That was it! I was done taking this shit. Deep at the bottom of my stomach,
I found the courage in order to fight against those two clowns. I was not going to
let myself impregnate by such a young man. A pilot working for NERV. I fought
back against them by really getting into it and started to rub his cock with my
feet as quickly as possible… Rubbing it as hard as possible…. Ritsuko seemed
about to introduce one of her nipples inside Shinji’s mouth. She spoke some more.

‘’You’ll have anything you want Shinji… As long as you’ll be one of our EVA
pilot here at NERV, you’ll have anything you want… Ibuki! Get undressed now!!’’

Other than moaning while masturbating his dick, absolutely no answer
came from my mouth. I didn’t waste my time talking about to her as I was forced
to do this… I rubbed my naked feet extremely hard on his cock. Caressing the very top of his glans at times… Touching his balls a little at times as well… He was so erected and thick that his cock rose ever higher in the air. A tiny bit of pre-cum started flowing from the top of his glans. Shinji looked shocked he was enjoying this whole foot-job at that point. He turned to his precious Ritsuko and talked to her while moaning…

‘’Ritsuko… Ritsuko…

‘’What, what is it?’’

‘’The things she’s doing with her feet, it’s too much for me I’m about to cum…’’

‘’I don’t understand Shinji, what’s so wrong about this??’’

‘’I don’t want to cum now, I want to cum inside of her…’’

They then both looked at me. Afraid. I smirked. Ritsuko’s face turned angry.
‘’What do you think you’re doing Ibuki??? Stop trying to make Shinji cum on purpose at this exact moment!!!’’

I laughed a little. I was filled of con?dence. Shinji weakly talked in between
two very long series of moaning.

‘’It’s too late…’’

Shinji then ejaculated. I ?nally made him cum. A lot of sperm flowed out of
the top of his glans. Three massive cum-shots exploded out of his cock and flew
in the air. The first string of sperm was shot really far, it ended up all over the
bust part of my uniform. My clothes was covered in his semen. The second string of sperm was also shot pretty high in the air, flying really far in a totally different location than my body. This cum-shot crashed right in the middle of Ritsuko’s face. She soon closed her eyes as the cum-shot arrived near her. She then blushed as the sperm itself started to slid down in her face. Finally, the third string of sperm didn’t flew as high in the air as the two previous ones… This final cumshot simply went for a short loop in the air and then quickly fell down on Shinji’s cock, not going really far… This cum-shot also ended up on top of my naked feet a couple seconds following it falling on top of his dick. The semen slid from the top of his glans until it reached my toes that were still hooked around his Shinji’s cock. Approximately half a minute later, nobody in the room had shown the courage to say anything yet… The first person to say something was no one else than me.


Just simply that. They then stopped staring at the sperm everywhere and they both looked at me again. Shinji seemed incredibly relieved and pleasured
despite the fact that he just came instead of cumming inside of me… Ritsuko was even more angry than before.

‘’Why Ibuki? This is not what Shinji wanted at all. Right Shinji?’’

He only seemed excited and happy.


I slowly removed my naked feet from his cock and sat down on the bed instead of lying down on it like I was doing while rubbing his dick. I placed my arms on top of my knees.

‘’I was simply doing my job. Pleasuring our EVA pilot Shinji. What else?’’

The End.