New Body At Dawn

A Original Hentai Flash-Fiction


Camille Juteau

My eyes opened up, they were shaking… Having a hard time focusing myself so my eyelids didn’t fall down again, was fighting against the temptation of continuing to sleep.

I finally got out of the bed like usual, but something was completely different, something felt really weird for some reason. I then faced the large mirror in my small bathroom, looking through it to discover someone else than me in the
glass… Or rather a new me…

I was horribly shocked to see that I no longer looked like a boy. My body was replaced by the one of a young woman. Was I dreaming or did I really have a new body?


I was not dreaming at all.

I was now a tall, young beautiful girl instead of being the normal chubby man I was yesterday. I feel like I looked taller as a girl than I was as a boy, but why?

The strangest thing that was incredibly obvious to me was that I was no longer a chubby dude. Instead of having a fat belly and body I had boobs… Amazingly big boobs… I had never seen a young girl like her, I mean like me, with breasts like those in the reflection of the mirror.

I grew a similar chest size to the ones the young women had.. I was also wearing something different from what mom had put on me after my bath. I was now wearing a tiny two piece girl pajama set in green.

It didn’t really look like any kind of pajamas, more like a tight bra and minuscule panties. I didn’t understand anything about this sleeping outfit, what girl would
go to bed like this?

The two pieces of night clothing were horribly squeezing my new body, strangling my fat tits like a snake wrapped around a mouse and my butt was being uncomfortably pushed around by the panties. That whole outfit felt way too small for this body…

Somehow, a little bit of courage came back to me as I kept looking at myself through the mirror. Somehow… Seeing myself as a girl, being so cute and pretty helped my self-esteem. Using this newly found courage, I slowly got closer to the mirror, step by step I reached the surface of the glass, accidentally rubbing my large breasts against it.

I truly needed to get used to it, well, to them… I quickly removed the tits from the surface of the mirror and they then suddenly jiggled lot following my fast movements.

I was accidentally making them bounce around, those big boobs gliding all over the place in the air under the extreme pressure of their heavy weight.
They majestically jiggled some more in the air before I finally got an hold of them.

I grabbed them with my hands, touching them for the very first time, rubbing my fingertips on them. Touching my fat boobs brought new thoughts to my mind… I
had became a Hentai character. One of those over-sexualized characters from the perverted Manga and Anime my parents never wanted me to read or Watch while I was still a teenager years ago… 

My Mommy had blocked all of those sexy web-sites from our computer a long time ago now… I felt like one of those sexy characters with extremely big tits, perhaps a Oppai lady…

I surprised myself blushing a lot as I took a look at my own eyes through the mirror, my face turned all red, I felt ashamed of myself for some reason I didn’t know…

I kept caressing my huge boobs, touching them as much as possible. That was the first time I had ever touched any breasts, except for Mommy when I was hugging her big juggs with my face.

But suddenly, my bra exploded as I had begun to move more brutally. Rubbed my fingers all over my tits. The bra probably broke due to them being way
too tight for my new generous chest. The bra broke in two parts and fell down to the floor.

I looked up at my reflection through the mirror to ultimately discover my naked big boobs for the first time. They were beautiful, my nipples looked a lot better than I could imagine or dream them to be.

The rounded sides of my nipples were huge, naturally extending themselves really far and wide on my tits. The tips of my nipples were super long, I could feel them constantly pointing in front of them, oddly wanting to touch the
mirror again and again…

I caressed my naked tits for a very long time before deciding to remove the rest of my pajamas all by myself, I begun to remove my panties. It took me at least fifteen minutes to succeed to entirely remove them from my body.

My legs were so big the little piece of cloth was slowly sliding down them.
During the time I was doing my best to remove the panties I used a lot of my energy with my new feminine strength.

Using that energy and that strength seemed to have put a ton of pressure on
my boobs. It resulted in my fat tits shooting tons of milk out of my thick nipples. I dropped my panties on the floor as I started holding my breasts with my hands to stop violently squirting, lactating milk only goes in one direction.

I aimed my tits and shot a lot of my milk all over the glass of the mirror while
desperately attempting to take a sneak peak of my vagina through the reflection.

The powerful milk sticking to the mirror was frustratingly preventing me from clearly seeing my pussy as it was my only option.

My boobs were way too big for me to see my vagina without using a mirror.


Will I be able to see my pussy for real before going to work in the morning?

The End.