Nocturne Nurse: A Medical Hentai Novella


Nocturne Nurse: A Medical Hentai Novella

eBook: $4,99 USD.

Physical paperback: $22,96 USD.

Page Count: 122.

Author: Camille Juteau.

Illustrators: TGBK (front cover page), and Bushinryu (other illustrations). 

Editor: Kellie O'reilly.

Publisher: Seishi.

Platform: Exclusively available on

Genres: Drama, medical drama, magical realism, thriller, erotic, erotica, and Hentai.

Hentai Sub-Genres: Nurse, big boobs, large nipples, sperm, bukkake, body transformation, huge dicks, and Ahegao.   


”When Lauren Winkler, a young, voluptuous, currently unemployed nurse found herself stalked by a man wearing a creepy mask, she thought her time in this world was over. She was wrong, after being unconscious, she woke up in a medical clinic where she is asked, nearly begged to stay there as a new employee. Being hired to work at the clinic as a typical medic wasn’t on the table, she was instead offered to become a horny nurse that would cure sick people in slutty, sexual ways. A busty nurse in need of a new job. A psychopathic stranger hunting her. Sexual tensions between the crew members of the medical clinic. Lots and lots of patients to cure with sex. This was only the beginning.”

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Nocturne Nurse: A Medical Hentai Novella