About This Comic Book:

Our Intergalactic Lovers' (OIL) is a science fiction series that takes place in an alternate future, almost 200 years from now. Early contact with advanced alien lifeforms has rapidly progressed humanity’s technological capabilities, allowing them to travel freely across the galaxies. That wasn’t all they did however, they’re also suspected of doing something to human females, changing them and making them more sexually insatiable than ever before. Angered by this, the patriarchal governing body of humanity’s colonies, ‘The Federation’ engaged in an ignorant and aggressive over expansion campaign that has put them at political odds with other forms of intelligent life for many decades. Under federation law, contact with alien lifeforms is forbidden.

Beyond the edge of human controlled space lies the seemingly uninhabited planet of 'Vithornes', orbited by a Federation space station. ‘Kiva Station’ is home to many federation scientists keen to complete their research and return home to the relative safety of humanity’s numerous colony worlds. It is on this station that Federation Doctor, ‘Ridori Maho’, will engage in a series of interspecies sexual encounters and embark on a grand journey across the cosmos.

‘OIL: Chapter One’ features the beginning of Ridori’s story, her first contact with alien life, and a hint at some of the trouble beginning to brew around her…

What's Included:

  • The 40 comic pages (1320x1860p) in PNG format (Plus front and back covers)
  • The 81 original, textless comic panels (1600x900p) in PNG format
  • The 2 original, textless comic covers (1080x1920p) in PNG format
  • A compilation of all previously released OIL content including: bonus images, character interviews and concept renders (also in PNG format)