Pancake House

A Original Hentai Flash-Fiction


Camille Juteau

I’ve waited inside this small restaurant for about fifteen minutes… A new discovery. It was hard to find, I had to come to this more obscure part of the city to get here. While I had accidentally found this place, I thought to myself that it was a really niche type of restaurant.

The subtle but cute, yellow colorized sign outside revealed me the name of the place before entering outside: ‘Pancake House’. After having waited for theses fifteen minutes, standing in front of the counter, alone in the restaurant, I decided to sit down at one of the tables.

Absolutely nobody was there, no customer and employee. I’ve waited a bit more, just when I was about to leave, an old man in a professional dark blue suit came out behind the counter using the kitchen door. He seemed very happy as he was putting  his tie back on for some reasons.

I tried to talk to him in order to figure out what was going on with this restaurant, but he left the building before I could come to him.

‘’Mister, could I ask you a really quick question please?…’’

No answer. And he was already out of reach. I was once again standing in front of the counter. I sighted in confusion and disappointment of this restaurant… I was about to leave the place as well when suddenly, a pretty young woman appeared behind the counter using the kitchen door.

Like the man in the professional suit just did. This super gorgeous girl had beautiful, big brown eyes. She seemed to be having really long hair, but it was difficult to know as she was wearing a net for her hair. Despite looking really young, about 19 years old I would say, she had amazingly cute gray hair.

Space gray seemed to be the exact color of her hair. Going along with the net, she was also wearing a ‘Pancake House’ uniform, the first I had ever seen. It was safe to say she was working here. The top of her uniform strangely seemed to be made to show a lot of cleavage in an entirely intentional way.

This employee had monstrously large boobs. Her thick nipples were easily visible under the fabric of her top. The rest of her uniform showed a whole lot of skin for the legs part of it. She was wearing tiny shorts and super long socks that were nearly reaching her knees.

She was finally also wearing a sweet yellow hat on her head. The girl got closer to the counter and putted on her hands on the surface of it. She looked at me, she smiled, her big tits bounced in the air as she moved toward me.

‘’Hello and welcome to the ‘Pancake House’! Sorry for the wait!’’

She then handed me one copy of their menus in a flash.

‘’Here’s our menu, please tell me when you are done deciding what you desire!’’

I shook my head and grabbed the menu from her.

‘’Thanks a lot…’’

I went back to the table I was sitting at a couple minutes ago. Took a look at the menu, this restaurant was making so many different types of pancakes, it was crazy. I’ve finally decided to choose their blueberry pancakes. In order to call the waitresses, the restaurant had installed ring bells on top of each tables.

I rang the one on mine and the young lady came to me, nearly running to my table to get to it faster. Told her what I wanted, she winked at me, left and came back to me in less than five minutes.

‘’There you go! Your blueberry pancakes! Hope you’ll love them! By the way, my name is Gure. Feel free to ring again if you want anything else.’’

She then obviously intentionally showed me her cleavage before leaving again. I quickly ate half of the pancakes. Later, when I was about to finish my last pancake, I accidentally rang the ring bell with my fork. I was so shy about it because I knew she would come to my table for nothing because of me…

But suddenly… Soft hands reached my crotch, unzipped the fly of my pants and pulled out my dick from inside of them. Fingers started to masturbate my cock, and then, a long tongue touched the tip of my glans. I felted big boobs rubbing against my knees.

This girl introduced my penis inside her mouth and sucked it for a few minutes… At some point, I’ve decided to move away from the table and to take a look at this girl between my legs. It was Gure, the ‘Pancake House’ employee. She kept sucking my dick for a few more minutes while sweetly staring at me before sliding off my cock out of her mouth.

Tons of saliva dripped down out of her mouth, falling off on my penis. She then spoke to me while masturbating me again.

‘’You rang the ring bell for a second time after receiving your order… There is a tradition here, if a man does that the waitress needs to offer a free blow-job to the customer. I’m sorry, I forgot to offer it to you first… But in order to make up for it I would like to give you more blueberries with your meal…’’

Gure then suddenly pulled out her large breasts from under her uniform. Her big boobs were now completely revealed to me. They looked so pretty and sexy. Gure placed my dick between her majestic huge tits and started fucking me with them. She was titty-fucking my cock.

 I barely lasted a minute of it and I then ultimately ejaculated. I shot my sperm all over her, on top of her net, in her face, and on her beautiful big boobs. Gure smiled and spoke to me.

‘’Those blueberries might be a bit bigger than the ones you originally received with your pancakes…’’  

The End.