Sakura: Hyper

A Hentai Short Story By:

Camille Juteau

A Doujinshi Hentai Short Story

Based On The Characters Appearing In ‘’NARUTO’’

Created By Masashi Kishimoto

By Camille Juteau

Some time had already passed since the conclusion of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Both Naruto and Sasuke left Konohagakure to pursue personal goals.

Meanwhile, Kakashi Sensei became the new Hokage of the village.
I was also doing my things. Now stepped down from her leader role, Lady Tsunade found herself with a tiny bit more free time.

Well… She now had more time to different tasks. She convinced me to go work with her in the Uchiha’s district of the village.

We’re working together on a brand new medical clinic over there. We will be open in about two weeks or less than that… Somehow, I think Lady Tsunade knew my feelings for Sasuke, so she probably wanted to help me by bringing new life to the Uchiha’s district.

Still pretty early in the morning, I was for the moment in our future medical clinic. Lady Tsunade was not here yet. Like usual, I first begun the day by doing some paper works on one of the computers in our office.

I succeeded to get some of the job done but ultimately my head was somewhere else… The thought of the war being over… The thought of both Naruto and Sasuke currently being absent from Konohagakure…

All that combined with the other thought of me still being virgin after all this… I turned eight-teen years old two days ago… Nobody knew about it except for me and my parents… I wanted to feel something that I had never felt before.
Leaving the keyboard on the desk of the office, my hands started touching my legs. My fingers caressed my thighs. I wanted all that to happen right now…

Under my clothes I reached my underwear with my fingers.

I moved my small panties aside and rubbed the side of my vaginal lips with my fingers. It didn’t take long for me to use one of my hands to touch my breasts. They grew so much over the years… Honestly… I was no longer the flat-chest girl I once was as a kid and then as a teenager.

Oddly enough, I noticed my tits growing again for the very first time around the beginning of the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

They kept growing in secret under my soldier outfit during the entirety of the war. Toward the end of it my boobs reached a huge triple H cup size. I had to buy lots of new, bigger bra right after Kakashi Sensei was done taking over the Hokage duties.

My parents probably thought it was weird… I thought the same thing. Why my breasts did suddenly started growing to a monster size in a very short amount of time as I was up until that point as flat as a board?

I had no idea. But thinking about all this kept making me even hornier as I was grabbing my own boobs and caressing the side of my pussy. I finally slid my fingers on my clitoris, rubbing it softly. I slipped my left hand under my shirt and pinched my nipple really hard.

Teasing and pleasuring myself.

My fingers then went from rubbing my clit to the hole of my pussy below. Some of my fingers went inside my pussy. I was starting to finger myself, penetrating my body, masturbating…

The pleasure became so intense and liberating that I started to moan a little. I think the last time I ever masturbated myself was when I was still fifteen… While thinking about… Yeah, him…

I was now about to cum… I was fingering myself so hard that I could feel the orgasm coming really soon…

But I was then interrupted… Seconds away from a sure orgasm, Lady Tsunade was here in the office of our medical clinic. She entered the place without me noticing, much too busy to pay enough attention…

The tall, muscular, and a bit over-weighted blonde woman was simply standing there, staring at me… My right hand was still in my crotch, my fingers in my pussy, and my left hand on my breast as she was observing me.

I screamed a little after noticing her, a few inches away from my position on the office chair. I then blushed a lot… ‘’Ah!! Lady Tsunade, you’re here already?’’.

I soon removed my right hand from the inside of my pants and my left one from under my shirt. I then sat on my chair like a proper lady with my legs closed down. I kept blushing. She simply smiled at me as her first reply to what I just told her.

She putted one hand on top of my shoulder and smiled some more at me. ‘’Hey, Sakura! Why didn’t you tell me you had just turned eighteen two days ago? I mean, I already knew about it because I was aware but you never mentioned it…’’

She had been my mentor for so long now, but still, I felt awkward that she knew about my birthday. Lady Tsunade kept speaking to me. ‘’There’s nothing bad about you not saying a word about it but I just wished a celebrated your birthday with you… Hey, you want to go for a breakfast right now before truly jumping into work?’’.

I of course, accepted her proposition.


On our way to the restaurant, we passed in front of the Hokage office where Kakashi Sensei is now operating as the leader of our village.

We went having breakfast in a place where I never entered before. A place I’ve never visited before due to the fact that I was not allowed to come here before as I was not eighteen yet. This was a restaurant and a bar at the same time.

This place was named the…

… Hurricane Saloon, from what I heard, this restaurant was named after Naruto himself. Hum… Interesting…

We sat down at a small table in a corner of the restaurant. After both of us had taken a look at the menu, we ordered. I chose to eat healthy fish food while Lady Tsunade took a large plate of chicken recipe mixed with rice. She winked at the waiter before he left with the menus in his hands. She then started a new conversation with me as we were waiting.

‘’You know what Sakura?’’


‘’For your eighteen birthday I will do something special just for you.’’

I replied with resilience ‘’What special thing?’’.

‘’Slightly turn your head to the left and you’ll see…’’

I turned my head to the left as she told me to do and a true surprise was waiting for me. The waiter was back, already. He was holding a metallic plate in his hands. There was a large, rock-hard erected dick lying down on top of it. It was the waiter’s cock. He putted down the plate on top of our table his dick stayed there, constantly twitching…

It felt as if his cock was directly looking at me, it was creepy… Lady Tsunade spoke some more…

‘’Despite what you just chose to order for breakfast I took the liberty to pick something for you. Come on Sakura, I saw what you were doing in the clinic this morning… I know you want some of it.’’

She forced me to taste the waiter’s dick. He just stared at me motionless, observing me as I stuck my tongue out of my mouth. I licked the tip of his glans. It was my very first time tasting a cock. I loved it for some reason…
Lady Tsunade smiled, she was enjoying what she was seeing as her huge and heavy tits were resting on top of the table in front of her. Her thick and long nipples were easily visible through her clothes to everybody in the restaurant.

Speaking of which, in this early morning, about four other people, four men were here having breakfast as well. I just noticed them as they now were observing us, mostly observing me licking the glans. The waiter laughed.

‘’I am not proud of you my dirty student, you need to take things a little more seriously than that…’’

She grabbed my head, used it so my tongue lick more than only the tip of his glans. Still forced by Lady Tsunade, I was once again doing perverted things. I licked the rest of his erected cock, and then tasted his balls.

Pretty quickly, I was now doing all that on my own. I licked his dick and his balls some more… Lady Tsunade finally let go of my head as she understood I was not fighting anything. I was enjoying it. I grew to enjoy it a whole lot.
I took the waiter’s cock in my hand, I introduced inside of my mouth. I was blow-jobbing him. I was sucking on the first dick of my entire life. Lady Tsunade came for back-up. She licked his cock with me; she kissed me right after… A kiss exclusive to tongues… We shared the blow-job.

Not very long after that, Lady Tsunade undressed me. She removed my top herself and exposed my grown up tits to all the men inside the restaurant. They were watching me while eating and drinking…

The waiter grabbed my big tits; he started to play with them. He soon sucked on one of my nipples. He enjoyed it a lot, tons of saliva dripped off his mouth, sliding on top of my body.

Lady Tsunade kept undressing me as the waiter was now sucking both of my nipples… She removed the top part of my panties and moved my panties away so my pussy could get exposed. Upon seeing this, the waiter let go of my nipples and rubbed his fat cock all over my clitoris.

She then undressed herself after being done with me; Lady Tsunade pulled his giant boobs out from under her clothes. She also immediately revealed her own pussy by pulling down her pants and her underwear. She kissed the waiter with her tongue as he was finding a great amusement in hitting my clit with his huge glans.

Similar to a boot drowning in quicksand, the waiter slid his cock inside of my pussy and started penetrating me. She kept kissing him during that time… I was now sitting on top of the table, my butt hardly sat on it. Lady Tsunade also sat beside me on it.

The four other men in the restaurant soon left their seats. They all gather around Lady Tsunade and I. Hands reach for her boobs and mines. They are touching our bodies, each single part of them.

One of the four men grabbed Lady Tsunade’s legs, lifted them up in the air as his big, erected cock made its way in her pussy. This man started fucking her, penetrating her really hard.

A different man putted his lips very close to her face and kissed her, violated her mouth with his tongue. A lot of saliva slid off both mouths. Another one of the men just did the same thing for me. He kissed with, using his tongue to rape me.
Lady Tsunade was currently dealing with three dicks total, one in her pussy, and one in each of her hands, she hand-jobbed them. As far as it was going for me, the dude inside my pussy was still fucking the Hell out of me. In addition to that, a final man was rubbing against my butt, visibly attempting to achieve something…. Lady Tsunade then spoke, speaking really loud as she was masturbating the two cocks in her hands.

‘’Guys! This is Sakura’s birthday! She turned eighteen two days ago but we’re still celebrating her anniversary! Give her the best treatment boys!!’’

Almost all the men fucking Lady Tsunade immediately let her go, they shifted their focus on me… Only one remained with her, fucking her pussy. The three other men circled around me.

One of them inserted his big, erected cock in my ass. I was amazed and horrified at the same time. It happened so suddenly… I was double-penetrated.

‘’Pl-Please go easy guys… I was technically still a child two days ago…’’

One of the men yelled while pushing his big cock right inside of my mouth, preventing me from spitting any more word…


I then had one cock fucking my mouth, one for my pussy, one for my butt, and a fourth one pushing his glans really hard against one of my nipples. The men laughed. They were talking to each other about how they were going to fuck me till noon. Lady Tsunade smiled and caressed my ear.

‘’What do you think about this gift Sakura? It counts as a paid vacation. You’re off work and you finally get to lose your virginity.’’

I replied to her by showing her my hands and giving her two thumbs up. I smiled while happily tasting the huge dick inside of my mouth. I was honestly really glad to be losing my virginity at last.

From a distance, I saw the bartender of the place casually looking at us. He was comfortably looking at me getting gang-banged by all these men while washing a large glass mug. The bartender smiled and intentionally rubbed the glass mug all over his crotch as the double-penetrations were bringing closer and closer to a near orgasm.

The End.