Ronda Blake was a fierce woman who never let anyone bother her, she wasn’t taking any shit, she didn’t have time for that sort of things. While she currently was between jobs and that things have been tranquilly going south with her husband, she recently chose to go on a road trip, completely lone wolf style.

Her husband had been cheating on her for a while now, she knew about it since the very beginning almost and this trip was more or less linked to this infidelities. Ronda was hoping to cheat on her husband during this road trip. If she went through with this, it would have been the first and only time she would have cheated on someone.

But is it really cheating when it is entirely in response, in counterattack to the other partner cheating in the first place?

Rhonda was a businesswoman. While the concept of quitting her important job had originated a long time ago, walking on her husband banging another woman as she was coming home from a hard day of work clearly triggered everything.

While yes, Rhonda was a very successful businesswoman, she currently wore absolutely nothing that pointed that out. Instead, she wore a thin, comfy-looking, red and white Summer dress with tons of designed flowers all over it. The dress was made so it would expose a terrifyingly huge cleavage. Underneath the dress, she did not wear actual underwear but rather a separated two-piece white bikini. She also wore dark, crimson red sunglasses and a pair of provocatively sexy, beige high-heeled shoes.

She had long, brown hair with touches and bright sparks of blonde there and there. Her beautiful hair flew in the air with the help of the graceful wind.      

As she ran away from where she used to live for so long, she remembered something from the past, an old memory of her youth. She remembered the time when she lost her virginity as a younger girl. It was in the basement of her house as her parents weren’t home. It was Winter. It was cold so Rhonda and her boyfriend at the time snuggled next to the old boiler. It was obviously a lot warmer there. Perfect for all the debaucheries they did that night.   

She remembered that specific time of her life because she for the first time of her life currently felt the exact same way she felt that time when she lost her virginity. She felt her body surging with newly found energy.

She drove all day long behind the wheel of her cherry-red coloured Camaro, it was now soon about to go dark. With no real destination in mind anyway, she decided to stop at a small town she had never heard before called: ‘Pearl Coast’. She went to the only motel of this little town to get a room for tonight.

A tall man with dark skin was the employee who kindly welcomed her at the desk of the motel where she hoped to get a room if there was still one available for her.

‘’Welcome to the Good Smile motel of Pearl Coast. How may I help you?’’ The man was freaking handsome and it made her blush. It didn’t help that she had been horny for weeks and was totally craving for big, fat, cocks.

‘’Hey, yeah, hi, I would like a room if possible, please...’’ Rhonda had a ton of trouble speaking to him. She mostly looked down at the small counter that separated her to the employee.

‘’We sure do. Since you’re alone, I’ll give you number fourteen. It’s one of our best rooms. Please don’t say anything to my bosses but I only give this one to the prettiest young ladies that we have the chance to have as customers here.’’ He warmly told her as he handed her the key to her room. She wanted to say something but ultimately couldn’t, he kept making her blush, she simply looked down and filled her purse with her right hand.

‘’Oh no, please, keep your money for now. Customers only pay once they wake up in the morning after the night.’’ He said, vocally preventing her from paying for her room at this precise moment.

‘’Are you sure? I’ve never heard or seen a motel that had that policy before... How can you be so sure that I wouldn’t simply leave tomorrow morning without actually paying? This sounds like a very, bad business move to me...’’ She said. And yes, she firsthand knew a whole lot about good or bad business techniques.

‘’We trust you. Have a good night in your room,’’ he confirmed her while gently dropping the key in her hand, more or less forcing her to take it.

‘’Thanks... I guess... But is that part of your strange, pretty lady customer policy?’’ She playfully and sensually asked him.

‘’Could be. But like I said, please don’t tell anyone, ha-ha... Hey, quick question before you go...’’ He said.


‘’Are you from Passion Cove?’’

‘’Why?’’ She asked in return.

‘’Women with big tits always come from there.’’ He said with a wry, almost tongue in cheek facial expression. It almost immediately broke Rhonda, she cracked a huge smile and blushed some more.

‘’Are you even legally allowed to say such a thing to a customer?’’ She asked, visibly amused and into this whole intense and let’s say, aggressive flirting thing.      

‘’Yes and no. It’s complicated. Let’s just say that you should probably take a look at this.’’ He said while delicately dropping a booklet of the motel on top of the counter.

‘’What is this?’’

‘’You might just be a little interested in what services we are offering here.’’ He said before disappearing behind the counter, completely leaving Rhonda all alone with the booklet he just pushed toward her. The in-between jobs businesswoman walked closer to the counter, lowered her sunglasses to get a proper look at the booklet, therefore, revealing her majestic, hazel eyes.

The Good Smile motel from Pearl Coast. The place where you can get private sessions with multiple, trained, and certified male masseurs. Masseurs that you can cheaply hire for a lot of diverse, extra work...




Rhonda didn’t just get a room that day, she had the cool opportunity to get an entire cabin for herself. It was a lot more expensive than simply renting a normal room and it was pretty rare to find one empty, but it was worth the money, totally worth the wait as well. It was luxurious and had this rustic, brown, wooden template. She felt at home for some obscure reason.

A television was on when she entered the room. One of the episodes of ‘Twin Peaks’, the acclaimed TV series was playing. She thought it was weird that the television was on just like that but didn’t make a big deal out of it. She didn’t think about it too much.

The mature woman walked in and looked around. She wasn’t carrying any baggage with her. Her stuff was oddly nowhere to be seen.

‘’Wow...’’ She whispered to herself. She placed her hands on the sides of her hips. And, suddenly, as she dove deeper into the cabin, the same tall, dark-skinned, beautiful, jacked man that vanished behind the counter earlier came into view near the doorstep. He stood behind Rhonda before he managed to enter inside the cabin, moving Rhonda’s baggage that he carried into the right position so it would all fit in the door space without him crashing in the wall. It was a difficult task but he did it. He was inside. Inside of her... Cabin...

‘’Do you like it?’’ The employee asked. She quickly turned to him with a confused, unsure smile. She didn’t seem to be too sure if he was talking about the cabin or something else that could obviously be partially seen right now. The impressive bumpy shape of his flaccid penis could be easily seen from outside of his pants. Rhonda swiftly looked at it for a second or two when the employee first asked her the recent question. She then quickly closed and opened her eyes in a loop just as fast as a butterfly’s wings would move. She looked up at his face.

‘’What are you talking about? Exactly that is...?’’

‘’The cabin. What do you think?’’ He asked again while pointing out the area where the bed is with his head.

‘’Oh... That? I love it. Thank you for carrying my things.’’

‘’Of course. It’s my pleasure. Mind if I put those next to your bed?’’ Taking on a sexy, masculine voice when he said the word: ‘your’.

‘’Sure.’’ He slowly walked towards the bed and delicately placed her baggage next to it. He then turned back to her as she wandered around, exploring the cabin. He placed his manly hands on his hips.

‘’There you go. Did you have time to read the booklet and to discover the different services we’re offering here?’’

‘’I... Did...’’ She said very softly.


‘’How much is it for number three?’’

‘’Oh... That one... Oh... Don’t you worry about the price for that one, Ma’am.’’

‘’How come?’’

‘’Because it’s a calm day today. I can get you this number at a decent discount.’’

‘’Oh, really?’’ What kind of discount are we talking about here?’’ She asked, curious.




In less than three minutes, Rhonda found herself lying down on her back on top of her new temporarily bed. Her thin Summer dress had recently been pulled up and her underwear removed. The sexy employee knelt down at the end of her bed between her legs as he licked her already wet vagina. The actual massage hadn’t lasted long, he had moved on to the main core of this service. Pleasing her sexually was the only thing that mattered to him.

Rhonda progressively moaned more and more as he devoured her clitoris.

He ate her for a few additional minutes before the customer moved in a different pose on the bed. She sat on top of the employee, forcing him to face her back as she prepared herself to ride him. She slowly slid his heavily erect cock inside of her pussy.

‘’Do you often go as far as that with other customers?’’ She asked him as she was getting very excited to have this strange inside of her.

‘’Not... Quite... As far... The motel’s policies tend to tell us to stop at oral pleasures...’’

‘’So, no actual sex?’’


‘’Oh, gosh, I feel bad now... Am I gonna get you fired?’’

‘’Don’t worry about it,’’ he convinced that everything was going to be okay as he pushed his dick deeper into her.

‘’Are you sure?’’ She asked as she was already on the verge of reaching her incoming orgasm.

‘’You really don’t remember me, do you?’’ He suddenly became all serious.

‘’What... What do you mean? Do we know each other?’’

‘’You could say that...’’

‘’Who are you?’’

‘’I’m the first. Your first.’’ He revealed to her.    

My first? What is he talking about?

‘’But how can you be so sure...’’

‘’Do you remember the boiler room?’’

She did.

Rhonda clearly remembered it. She even briefly thought about it during her drive. The place. The time she lost her virginity.

It was him.


‘’Rhonda.’’ He simply answered as he fucked her faster and stronger. She hadn’t seen him since they last broke up not too long after having sex for the first time with him years ago. She hadn’t kept in touch with him at all. Despite the surprise, Cedric was providing so much pleasure that couldn’t bring herself to break the momentum of their rapid penetrations and stop them even if she wanted it.