Steamy Tavern

A Original Hentai Short Story By:

Camille Juteau

A Original Hentai Short Story

By Camille Juteau

The young adventurer softly pushed the door in front of him… It was a
tavern. He was entering inside a tavern for the very ?rst time of his life given his
age. He had nothing to do there, but he was entirely desperate. A desperate need of food, somewhere to sleep. Somewhere to spend the night. He wasn’t going to allow himself to sleep even one more night in the cold street.

Nearly everybody looked at him as he entered the place, he felt so embarrassed . He was more or less waiting for one of them to tell him to get out and to take him out of there as he was barely able to move. He was able to walk a bit, and he reached the large wooden bar, a counter where a beautiful woman stared at the young boy on the other side of it. She was currently washing the inside of a big mug using tissue as she smiled at him.

As strange as that seemed, this woman that was running this tavern looked exactly like a knight. The boy hadn’t seen one in ages. It was a least years ago now, he only had a vague memory of the ones he saw but he was convinced she was indeed a knight.

She definitely looked like one of them. She had amazing long red hair reaching really far in her back. Despite actually working behind her counter, she was wearing some light pieces of armor, pale white and silver pieces for her shoulders. The rest of her body was covered in what seemed to be a very tight under suit with a dark color, creating a visually impressive contrast with her armor pieces. None of what she was wearing were able to hide her obvious gigantic set of tits.

She had gorgeous big boobs. Her tight suit perfectly rubbed against them, making her thick and long nipples easily visible thought it. Even though she smiled at the boy, she still made him anxious, afraid of what she would
say. He finally sat at the counter, not too close to her, just enough. She kept looking at him and soon after started a conversation with the boy while cleaning her mug.

“What can I do for you young man!”

He knew himself really well, what he really needed at that time, but directly asking for those things would probably get him nowhere at all.

“I-I need… I need work Ma'am… ….A-and a place to stay…”

She took a look at the inside of the mug.

“Oh really? What kind of work does a tavern for adults have for a boy like

His hands rubbed against each other, desperately trying to make them

“Hold on, you just said I was a man…”

She looked at the boy again, grinning.

“Yeah, a young man.”

She brought the mug closer to her, closer to her chest. It was so arousing to see her wash it while holding it so close to her tits.

“I know I don’t exactly belong here… a tavern isn’t a usual place for someone my age to frequent… let alone work. But I really do need a place to stay… and some food. Would you have any work for me?”

She left almost immediately. She disappeared behind the counter, the boy losing sight of her as she went into another room. He feared he had done something wrong, something he could have said… He was relieved when the knight working at the tavern quickly came back. She approached and got really close
to the boy on the other side of the counter. In her hands she held a generous, giant bowl of soup, just for him. She smiled again at him warmly as she handed it to him, winking at the boy.

“That’s for you big guy!”

He started eating right away. She remained close to him behind the counter, watching him eat and no longer cleaning the mug. The palms of her hands were sitting on the surface of the counter as she kept talking to him.

“What’s your name?”

He barely finished swallowing the soup in his mouth before answering her.


She then also gave him a big piece of delicious bread.

“Great Kyo, that’s a beautiful name. I’m named N5. Please don’t ask it’s a pretty long story… Hey, I was just talking to my partner over there in the back room, we would love to offer you a job here at our tavern!”

He clutched his spoon really hard.


She laughed a little.

“Yes really! We’ll have to talk about it together some more but we’d love to
have you around.”

Suddenly, someone else appeared behind N5. Another beautiful woman. She quickly placed one of her arms around N5, around her shoulders. N5 was tall, but this was a much taller, bigger woman. She was muscular, built like a warrior. She had dark skin and dark blonde hair. Even more impressive was that she seemed to have an even larger set of breasts than N5, impressing the boy to no end. Which was something totally impressive to me.

She smiled warmly, both to N5 and Kyo.

“Yup, a lot of serious talk right? Kidding… Have you already told him the story about your weird name?”

N5 turned her head at her and smirked.

‘'Not yet…“
The taller woman responded.

’‘Too bad. Get some drinks in her and she’ll tell you… My name is Mariko,
nice to meet you!”

So this is how the boy begun working for N5 and Mariko. His job at the tavern had offcially started during the afternoon of the next day. He now had somewhere where he was being fed, somewhere to sleep and work at. At least for now, he wished things will continue to go well. It was afternoon, and he was working behind the counter. Despite being the middle of the afternoon, the place was packed with guests. Seems his new bosses really knew how to run a good tavern. He was now the one the cleaning: glasses, mugs, and things like that.

He was also occasionally making minor repairs on the tavern furniture while while N5 and Mariko could fully take care of the clients. N5 was currently off doing some work on the other side of the tavern while he was cleaning empty jars of beers with Mariko standing beside him. She was waiting for people to come to the counter so she can serve them. Kyo was occasionally peeking at her while working, staring at her huge cleavage…

At some point, he thought she saw him looking at her breasts. Turning red he quickly turned his head back to the jars he was cleaning. Mariko then got closer to him behind the counter and started talking to Kyo.

“Hey Kyo! Can I help you with anything? There doesn’t seem to be that many clients at the counter today anyway.”

He was on his knees on the ground as she began talking with him. Softly, she also got on her knees, joining him on the ?oor behind the counter. Nobody in
the tavern could see them from where they were, they were basically hiding
themselves without meaning to. Her big boobs jiggled a lot in the air as she got on her knees.

Kyo immediately started blushing, he was so nervous that she was giving him that much attention. He finally answered her.

“S-Sure Mariko… I still got all those large jars to clean up…”

She looked at him through his eyes. He did the same. Suddenly she placed
her palms all over her fat tits, caressing them and moving them in the air.

“Large jars? Like these ones Kyo?”

The boy’s mind reeled. Instantly his cock grew big and rock hard in his pants as Mariko squeezed her tits. He fell back on his butt, his legs were wide open, allowing Mariko to see his erect cock, roughly tenting his pants. Her hands
caressed her face, her cheeks, she seemed surprised but continued to talk.

“Oh my Kyo, what do we have here? You’re not allowed to get hard on the job~….Maybe I should do something about it…. Come with me!”

With impressive strength Mariko quickly scooped the boy up in her arms, carrying him to the back room. Closing the door, she threw him down on a large
bed and looked at him hungrily. She removed the boy’s pants, fiercely unleashing his swollen cock, launching it out of his underwear, already revealed to her. Mariko then took a hold of his cock, grabbing it. She seemed to be whispering words to his glans.

“Since you’re this hard on the job, I’ll have to relieve you a bit…”

Mariko started jerking Kyo’s cock. She stroke it pretty hard, nobody had ever jerked off his dick beside him. She seemed to be enjoying doing it a lot too. Her right hand sped up super fast while jerking him off. Her left hand was stimulating his testicles, grabbing them and making them bounce around. The fingers of her right hand also went on the top of his glans as she jerked him off.

Her fingertips caressed the top of it, rubbing against it for a long time… All
of these elements combined made for an incredible hand-job altogether. Mariko
then whispered more words while looking at his glans.

“Hum… Maybe it’s not an hand-job you need but rather a good blow-job.”

Kyo wanted it so bad, he could not actually believe this was happening for real, he spoke to her.

“Mariko are you sure we should do this right now? What about N5 and the

Her face then got a lot closer to his dick, she looked at him again, looking at his eyes. She smiled to him and tried to reassure the boy.

“Ahh she’ll be fine. Besides….this is what I want right now.”

With amazing speed she dove down onto his cock. She opened her mouth
taking him to the hilt in an instant. She started sucking the boy’s dick. She was already sucking the Hell out of it, pumping it with a ton of strength. She was using a lot of her energy in order to give him the best blow-job she could, he
could feel it. Her long tongue wrapped around his dick as she was sucking it.

A large amount of spit and saliva dripped out of her mouth and slid all over
his balls. He hated to even think about it, but he was pretty much done… He was unable to resist, he was about to ejaculate at anytime. This was his first hand-job and blow-job… And Mariko was way too talented for the boy to hold it forever…
He felt his pre-cum flowing out of his dick as she was sucking him. Mariko
removed Kyo’s dick from her mouth, she took a look at his glans. It was over-flowing with tons of pre-cum. Hot and thick pre-cum… The top of his glans was entirely covered by it, some of it was oozing obscenely down his cock. A lot of pre-cum was being strongly shot in the air.Apparently not content with oozing out, even more pre-cum squirted out, almost reaching Mariko’s face. She observed the shots for a long time…

“Oh gosh that’s a lot of pre-cum… I’ve never seen that much before, you are producing more of it than normal sperm other guys produce…”

Mariko rubbed some of her fingers on his glans as he was still shooting a lot of warm pre-cum in the air. She started playing with it, rubbing her fingers all over the pre-cum lying down on his cock. After playing with it like a kid for a while
she used both of her hands like a cup. She cupped her hands to bring the
load of pre-cum from his cock to her mouth. She slurped at it noisily, drinking it.
Mariko then ate his pre-cum, she swallowed it. Observing all this only made his
cock even harder, bringing him closer to a real climax. Mariko finished eating and swallowing his pre-cum.

She licked her lips. “Ahn delicious… Can’t wait to taste your true sperm…”

Hearing her lewd talk put Kyo over the edge… Kyo’s cock started ejaculating
for real this time. He shot his last few salves of pre-cum and finally reached his
true orgasm. Clear liquids turned to thick white sperm as it came out of the tip of
his swollen glans. The boy ejaculated all over Mariko’s body. She reacted to it with total surprise.

“What? You just ?nished shooting your pre-cum and you’re already cumming?”

“I’m s-sorry… Just seeing you drink down my pre-cum and saying those dirty things got me so excited.”

Mariko quickly got back to him, she placed her hands all over his still massively erect cock and jerked him off again. She never let him go, she kept stroking his dick as he kept ejaculating. Tons of strings of semen then came out of his
cock, in quick rapid fire successions. Having her brutally jerking him off during his big ejaculation clearly helped him to shoot a lot more cum. Mariko moved her mouth closer to his glans. She quickly opened her mouth and caught most of the strings of sperm spurting into the air. Multiple cum shots flew right in Mariko’s
mouth. She continued jerking him off while sucking his cock and welcoming his semen inside of her mouth.

She never gave in. Mariko violently masturbated his dick while collecting his amazing amount of sperm. Once Kyo was finally done, Mariko finally let his cock loose from her grip. She widely opened her mouth and showed the interior of it to the boy. She showed him everything… All his own delicious semen crawling down inside her mouth. She kept tossing it around and playing with it with the tip of her tongue. Mariko ultimately swallowed everything. She swallowed all the sperm inside of her mouth. It slid down her throat… A big bump was visible from outside on the surface of her throat as she swallowed the cum. Mariko then
licked her upper lip, picking up a little bit of extra semen that was still sticking on her face. She smiled to Kyo and talked to him again.

“Wow… That was pretty fun… Never thought a little guy like you could be… You know… This virile.”

And suddenly… N5 appeared behind them near the door. When did she come in? How long had she been there? Her arms are crossed together… She is
staring at them, laying on the bed. Kyo and Mariko turned their heads around and looked at her.

“Right. Well that didn’t take you long until you got close to our new employee.”

Kyo kept his mouth shut. He basically let Mariko deal with her partner.

‘’Don’t worry about it friend, Kyo here was having some pent up stress and I
just want to help him relieve it~You seemed to have good handle on the clients

N5 shook her head and smirked at them. She climbed on the bed as well
joining them.

“You’re right, and the clients will be fine out there.”

She pushed Mariko aside a bit, pretty much taking her place in front of Kyo. She positioned herself between his short legs. Mariko still remained close to them,
carefully watching… N5 spoke to Kyo as she placed her hands all over his dick.

“I can’t believe you were going keep this lovely meat to yourself Mariko. Taking care of him, pfttt you wanted this all to yourself!”

As she said all this N5’s hands began massaging Kyo’s hardening cock. His
erection somehow getting bigger in her hands than even before with Mariko. As
if sensing his weakness, N5 starting playing with his glans, working her soft delicate fingers all over helmet.

‘’Now it’s my turn right?’’

Kyo answered her, he just wanted more of wherever this was going…


N5 began to polish his cock-head with her palms for a while before moving
her mouth to his dick. She started sucking the upper half of his cock while touching the bottom half with her fingers. Teasing him with them. She stopped
sucking him at some point, removing her mouth from his dick. She admired the
swollen glistening cock-head, the slit was fiering open as pre-cum was oozing
out. Smiling… She tells Kyo “You’re gonna love this!”

N5 rubbed around his widening slit with her wet fingers now lubricated by her spit and his pre-cum. After teasing it she began to spread it open even more.
Kyo gasped! He never felt anything like this before. But she wasn’t done. Not even close! N5 began to gently slide her wet index finger right down directly into his piss-hole. Softly sliding her finger down, she quickly entered her finger deeper inside his cock. She was penetrating his dick with her delicate but still quite rough finger. Kyo reacted to it by moaning and moving a lot, he nearly
screamed… Trapped both under a lot of physical pains and sexual

“Oh I think he likes it!”

She stopped fucking his urethra and removed her index finger from the
interior of his cock. The head was gaping now, wide open and oozing. N5 slurped on her index finger savoring the flavor. She quickly came back to suck him. 

She moved her lips just beside his glans and swallowed it with her mouth. She sucked him even harder than before…

As she kept sucking Kyo’s cock, the wide slit slowly narrowing to normal,

Mariko suddenly moved again for the first time in a while. She got behind the
lovely redhead busy sucking the boy’s cock.

“I’m gonna help~”

With a smile she grabbed N5’s head and started to push it down on Kyo effectively face-fucking her partner’s mouth on the boy’s cock. She pushed a lot of pressure on N5’s head making her suck harder and faster than ever before.

Kyo was no longer only having his dick sucked off by N5…

He was literally fucking her face with the good help of Mariko’s strength. Mariko then got so excited by all this that something really important about her body was revealed.

Mariko became so excited as she forcefully shoved her friend’s mouth on the boy’s cock. She groaned and bucked her hips lewdly at the air. Suddenly Kyo
noticed something large jutting out of the area between her legs, escaping her
clothes. He realized what it was in amazement….a massively large and still
growing penis. Mariko’s penis.

The End.